November 12, 2012

(Not) preparing for an ultramarathon

Well, this weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. BF’s flight was a bit late getting in on Friday night, and that combined with us wanting to finally catch up (I hate being away so many days during the week!) meant I didn’t get to sleep until around 1am. Never mind getting up for 8:30am Tread class! We did get up in time for Flywheel though, which was fantastic. I was so excited to show BF what I’ve been to so many Dallas mornings when I call him all “OMG I am so dead from my workout!” While he’s always been sympathetic, …

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November 9, 2012

A different marathon goal

My friend Chelsea recently posted an excellent report of the Marine Corps Marathon (her fifth marathon! Congrats, Chelsea!). I love hearing how my friends feel every mile and feeling the excitement as they build to the finish, but in this case, it was her summary at the end that really stood out: My finish time was not my best by far… But just the fact that I finished this thing, that I overcame all of those mental struggles that plagued me so early in this race, was enough satisfaction for me. The marathon will always be there – it’s the …

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June 17, 2008

Ultra Planning

I’ve got the Seafair Marathon coming up in two weeks, yet after doing Saturday’s run… I’m not that excited. I think it will definitely be a challenge, and I would by NO means consider myself a marathon expert, but somehow it just isn’t as exciting as it was when I had never done the distance. I’ve done a marathon now, and I’ve run even further than a marathon in training. There’s no excitement of testing myself and wondering if I can finish because I’ve never done this before. So what’s next? I really want to do an ultra now (but …

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