January 23, 2013

How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

As a follow up to my post last week on what you accomplish in a day, I was honored to hear directly from Ari Meisel, the productivity guru behind Get Leverage. Ari offered to write a guest post for my blog to address one of the questions raised in the comments on my post – why spend time tracking things? I found his response to be incredibly enlightening, and hope you do too! Whenever I teach one of my Skillshare classes in the city I like to ask people to raise their hands quickly if they can tell me what they had …

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January 18, 2013

What Did You "Done" Today?

Tonight, my flight to Charleston was a bit later than my usual flight to New York – so after I wrapped up work, I decided to go pick up dinner at Panera instead of relying on the airport vendors for food. I know Panera isn’t any healthier/higher quality than the various sandwich shops at DFW, but it holds a special place in my heart (and taste buds) since I worked there for four years in high school and college. One Mediterranean Veggie on an Asiago cheese demi, please! What I didn’t realize, though, was that leaving for the airport later …

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January 15, 2013

30,000 Days of Life

For the last week, my free time has been consumed with a lot of research on buying a house – speaking with realtors, touring houses, building financial analysis models, and applying for loan prequalifications. How crazy is it that I’m at a point in my life to think about that stuff?! I remember hearing terms like “mortgage” and “escrow” as a kid and just knowing they were things that grownups didn’t like, but not having any idea what they meant. Now, I know way more than I ever wanted to know about variable vs fixed rate mortgages, how to calculate …

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December 18, 2012

Making conscious use of my time

This weekend, I stuck around Dallas instead of flying home to NYC. BF flew in and we did a 5K Santa run with some friends, went to my company’s holiday party, and went to my first football game (the Steelers-Cowboys game at Cowboy Stadium). I had a wonderful time, but one of the best parts was not having to wake up at 3am CT on Monday morning. Bliss! Instead, I got up at 7am and then kind of half-assed a strength workout. I’m at a different hotel this week than usual, and the equipment setup wasn’t ideal. Unfortunately, I used …

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November 6, 2012

GSD: Achieving Flow

Lately, one of my favorite acronyms has become GSD, or “Get ‘Stuff’ Done.” Throughout the day, I go through bursts of superproductivity where everything is going my way and I am just knocking off to do list tasks left and right. Those times, I proudly announce that I am in “GSD mode.” Yesterday, unfortunately, was not one of those days. Last week I worked from home due to Hurricane Sandy – and while email is great, a lot of stuff at my job gets accomplished during meetings. People really like to discuss things in person here in order to reach …

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