December 20, 2016

December Goal Progress: Week 2


This has been a busy week! My mom flies in tonight for an eight day visit, so I’ve been trying to get as much work as possible done now so I don’t have to work when she’s here. I think I’m in pretty good shape, though – will likely only have a few hours of work tomorrow, and then maybe an hour or so each day between now and the new year to check email and fire off a few quick responses. I’m really excited about the break! But how about my goal to clean out / organize my house? I’m chugging …

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August 6, 2016

#ConnectBetter on National Friendship Day


I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet. Tomorrow is National Friendship Day, and when FTD offered me the opportunity to surprise my “blogger bestie” with a bouquet of roses, I couldn’t resist sending a bouquet to Theodora. (Technically, Adam is my blogger bestie… but I felt like it wouldn’t really be in the spirit of “friendship day” to send roses to my boyfriend!) I first met Theodora through some other NYC bloggers, when we went for a run together on the lower loop of Central Park. I had no idea that one run would turn into such a long-lasting friendship! We drifted apart …

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March 4, 2016

A Pushup Per Day

I wrote this post yesterday on the plane, but then didn’t get to post it last night because I was busy getting sick from food poisoning! Sucks a lot, but it was entirely my fault for eating sketchy sushi that I knew I shouldn’t. After a night of throwing up everywhere though, I woke up today feeling tired and icky but not actually sick, so hopefully I can still salvage this short vacation. We’ll see if today becomes the day I break my pushup streak though…. keep reading for more on that! Today is the 63rd day of the year. I …

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January 7, 2016

Perception vs Reality

Tonight, one of my clients organized a really fun “cheap/expensive” red wine tasting. He bought two bottles each of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, and zinfandel. One of each varietal was “cheap” (under $10) and the other was “expensive” (over $20). He poured cups for each of us participating in the tasting, and we had to try to identify which varietal was which and which wines were cheap vs expensive. At the beginning of the tasting, I was telling my coworkers that blind tasting is much tougher than you’d think. I cited a tasting game my friends and I used to play …

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August 22, 2015

Sponsored: Columbia Crest Crowdsourced Cabernet


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Columbia Crest. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. I have to say, I love how the internet brings niche communities together. I have seen so many neat ideas on IndieGogo and Kickstarter that are happening because tons of people thought they were worth it – rather than it being up to the say of some corporate executive who might not truly understand a niche audience. I mean, I do enjoy watching Shark Tank – but sometimes there are ideas that are off-the-wall to …

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