May 2, 2021

Links I Love: May 2, 2021

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Have You Satisfied Your Covid Compliance Officer?. (New York Times)

To Keep Women in the Workforce, Men Need to Do More at Home. (Harvard Business Journal)

This is the Number 1 Issue Remote Workers Face – and Here’s the Surprisingly Easy Fix. (Inc)

I Asked 2,000 People About Their Remote Work Experience—Here’s What They Shared. (Forbes)

5 questions to ask before launching a new product. (Zapier)

What’s the Deal with that Clorox Ad?. (Morning Brew)

‘Home Depot architecture’: How one developer is turning farm storage into sleek apartments. (Fast Company)

How experiential marketing agencies are bracing for a return to ‘in the flesh’ advertising. (Morning Brew)


Reach any goal this year with a spreadsheet, a calendar, and the SMART system. (Zapier)

Yes, You Can Make Friends as an Adult—You Just Need To Let Go of These 3 Misconceptions. (Well & Good NYC)

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Weekends. (Shondaland)

What the History of Pandemics Can Teach Us About Resilience. (New York Times)

Beware of the Bubble. (Mr. Money Mustache)


Getting One Vaccine Is Good. How About Mix-and-Match?. (New York Times)

Can You Have Alcohol After the Covid Vaccine?. (New York Times)

Teenage Brains May Be Especially Vulnerable to Marijuana and Other Drugs. (New York Times)

Brisk Walking Is Good for the Aging Brain. (New York Times)

Science Just Gave Us the Magic Number of HIIT Sessions To Do per Week. (Well & Good NYC)

When Can You Expect a Personal Record in the Gym?. (Lifehacker)


Hotels Scored Profits With Massive Pandemic Cost Cuts — But at What Price?. (Skift)

Amtrak Prepares for Close-Up When the Oscars Go Live at L.A.’s Union Station. (Skift)

Biden Relaxing Outdoor Mask Guidance Offers More Potential for Travel. (Skift)

How to Make Your Post-Vaccine Vacation as Cheap as Possible. (Lifehacker)

Air France-KLM Joins Airlines Getting Ahead of Fare Wars by Mimicking Uber. (Skift)

The Weird and Confusing World of Ticket Validity. (Cranky Flier)

Sabre Makes a Bold Bet It Can Simplify the Way Airlines Sell Seats. (Skift)

Of Course Copenhagen Has a Ski Slope Built on a Power Plant. (Thrillist)


We tested the first state ‘vaccine passport.’ Here’s what worked — and didn’t.. (Washington Post)

Liverpool hosts ‘pioneering’ mask-free business conference. (BBC News)

In Person or Virtual? Covid Complicates College Commencements. (New York Times)

When Can We Make Out With Strangers Again?. (New York Times)

When can we have cake again?. (Superior Chamber of Commerce)

We Want Our Friends Back! (But Which Ones?). (New York Times)

You’re Probably Using Too Many Paper Towels. (Lifehacker)

15 Household Uses for Mouthwash (Outside of Your Mouth). (Lifehacker)

When Not to Use a Magic Eraser. (Lifehacker)

How Often Should You Clean Your Sheets, Really?. (Lifehacker)

12 Neglected Household Items You Should Clean More Often. (Lifehacker)

Inventive grandson builds Telegram messaging machine for 96-year-old grandmother. (The Verge)

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