February 21, 2021

Links I Love: February 21, 2021

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Be Ready to Answer These Questions at Just About Any Job Interview. (Lifehacker)

How to Use ‘Sound Bites’ for a More Effective Job Interview. (Lifehacker)

Nano Influencers: Who Are They and How to Work With Them [Infographic]. (Social Media Today)

14 Glimpses Into the Fast-Food Restaurant of the Future. (QSR Magazine)

Leading in a new video-centric business environment. (Zapier)


How To Stop The Workweek From Feeling Like A Tedious Treadmill. (Yes and Yes)

The Worry List. (A Life of Productivity)

Vacation Anticipation Can Boost Happiness—and It Doesn’t Even Require You To Travel. (Well & Good NYC)

5 Tips for Mastering the Virtual Walking Meeting To Refresh Your Brain and Boost Your Productivity. (Well & Good NYC)

Find and Keep New Friends. (New York Times)

What the Differences Between Chemistry and Compatibility Can Mean for Relationships. (Well & Good NYC)


Could a Smell Test Screen People for Covid?. (New York Times)

Emerging Coronavirus Variants May Pose Challenges to Vaccines. (New York Times)

Seattle woman, 90, walks 6 miles through snow for her COVID-19 vaccine. (Seattle Times)

8 Simple, Brain-Healthy Habits To Work Into Your Quarantine Routine ASAP. (Well & Good NYC)

Sleep Better at Night by Shifting Your Daytime Habits With 7 Tips From Arianna Huffington. (Well & Good NYC)

I’m a Neuroscientist, and This Is Exactly How Alcohol Ruins Your Sleep’. (Well & Good NYC)

This Is the Type of Exercise You’ll Want To Get for Better Sleep in 2021. (Well & Good NYC)

The Benefits of Moderate Exercise. (New York Times)

5 Health Mistakes Young CEOs Make and How to Avoid Them. (Under 30 CEO)

Is organic food actually better? Here’s what the science says. (ZME Science)

I ate 40kg of chocolate’: Yorkshire teacher, 21, on rowing solo across the Atlantic. (Guardian)


Master & Dynamic Interview: The Role of Audio in Travel. (Skift)

3 Themes Corporate Travel Managers Need to Focus On During 2021. (Skift)

The Startup That Could Bring Airline Ticket Shopping to Amazon. (Skift)

Alpine Ski Town Davos Missing Business Leaders, Tourists This Year. (Skift)

Manhattan Couple Ditch Apartment, Buy RV. Was It Worth It?. (Wall Street Journal)


How to start journaling if you hate journaling. (Zapier)

How Much a DUI Can Cost You. (Lifehacker)

Stop Putting Your Windshield Wipers Up in Winter Weather. (Lifehacker)

Don’t Pierce Your Sweet Potatoes Before Roasting Them. (Lifehacker)

How Professional Gambler James Holzhauer Broke ‘Jeopardy!’. (Wired)

Finally, for a laugh: 20 people share the dumbest rule in their Home Owners Association. (Some Ecards) Ironically, my HOA has several of these rules in place too! Haha.

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