January 17, 2021

Links I Love: January 17, 2021

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


What to Do After a Final-Round Job Interview. (Harvard Business Journal)

Employers Can Require Workers to Get Covid-19 Vaccine, U.S. Says. (New York Times)

6 Predictions For Amazon In 2021, And How They Will Play Out For Retail Brands. (Forbes)

The Impact of COVID and the Rise of New Tech: How Ecommerce Has Changed in 2020 (Infographic). (Under 30 CEO)

You can buy Girl Scout cookies online through Grubhub this year. (Good Morning America) Uh oh, this is making it a LOT easier for me to get Samoas! But seriously, I am thrilled that the Girl Scouts are modernizing and teaching the girls about eCommerce.

The Rising Tide of Voice Marketing Strategies. (Falcon IO)

Should Alcohol Brands Run Dry January Ads This Year?. (Morning Brew)


My Outsourced Life. (AJ Jacobs) Hilarious… but also makes me want my own virtual assistants 🙂

The On/Off Trick and Other Best Hacks for Handling Stress. (Nir and Far)

Combating an Epidemic of Loneliness. (New York Times)


Create a Fitness Tracker in Your Rocketbook. (Medium)

2020: A Year in Fitness Like No Other. (New York Times)

How Effective Is the Mask You’re Wearing? You May Know Soon. (New York Times)

Fears of a ‘Twindemic’ Recede as Flu Lies Low. (New York Times)

How to Cut Back on Your Pandemic Drinking. (Lifehacker)

Can 4 Seconds of Exercise Make a Difference?. (New York Times)


Airlines Look Beyond Cash Burn Even as Recovery Slows. (Skift)

New Report: Five Trends That Will Transform Corporate Air Travel Retailing in 2021. (Skift)

Exclusive Q&A: Accor’s Newly Appointed Group Chief Commercial Officer on the Future of Hospitality. (Skift)

Six Travel Experts Share Their Pandemic Learnings. (Hotel News Now)

Artificial Intelligence Wants to Help Covid-Wary Biz Travelers Be Smarter About Flying. (Skift)

Orlando International Airport trials crowd monitoring system. (Future Travel Experience)

Hudson to launch Amazon Just Walk Out technology at airports in North America. (Future Travel Experience)


When Can We Start Making Plans?. (New York Times)

How to Use TreasuryDirect for Low-Risk Investing. (The Simple Dollar)

A Boom Time for Bean Memes. (Vice)

Alex Trebek’s Final ‘Jeopardy!’ Episodes Are a Testament to His Legacy. (The Ringer)

How to Use Alexa’s New Live Translate Mode. (Lifehacker) This will be helpful if I ever see my family in Poland again! :/

And finally, for a laugh: The Rationality Project: One Man’s Quest to Ignore His Gut Instinct. (Esquire)

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