November 8, 2020

Links I Love: November 8, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


The 10 characteristics of a great consumer subscription business. (David Jaxon)

Model No. Launches With Made-to-Order, Upcycled Furniture. (Morning Brew)

Walmart’s new test stores will experiment with AR, mobile, revamped checkout and more. (Tech Crunch)

How Pepsi Got Suckered Into Every Hot Branding Trend. (Medium)

Petco rebrands, bans shock collars in health and wellness push. (Fortune Magazine)

Bed Bath & Beyond pins turnaround on remodeling stores, tech spending. (Detroit News)

There are two good reasons why used-furniture sales are through the roof. (Vox)

How Yeti Survived a Pandemic — and Private Equity. (Medium)

Plants are booming, but succulent stores have had to adapt to the pandemic –. (Vox)

For Retailers, a Halloween Shock: It’s Actually Happening. (New York Times)

Classic toys are making a comeback during the pandemic. (Washington Post)

Smaller hams, downsized desserts: Sam’s Club adds petite packs as Americans plan smaller holiday gatherings during pandemic. (CNBC)

The Container Store & Netflix hint at streaming’s e-commerce future. (Modern Retail)

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Launch Your App Startup. (Under 30 CEO)

Apple Join Retailers Fulfilling Online Orders With Store Inventory. (Morning Brew)

Costco Now Sells Covid-19 Tests. (Morning Brew)

Covid-19: European Retailers Enter Second Lockdown. (Morning Brew)


Out of Whack: Five Reasons Tracking Work Time Wastes Time. (Laura Stack)

How (and Why) I Get Up Early Now. (Deep Existence)

Handling Life Transitions: Q&A with Bruce Feiler. (Nir and Far)

Are Your Quarantine Blues Actually Depression?. (Lifehacker)

What All That Touch Deprivation Is Doing to Us. (New York Times)

What We Dream When We Dream About Covid-19. (New York Times)


Crowdsourcing Is America’s Answer to Medical Bills. (Well & Good NYC)

Is the air moving on RTD’s buses? Yes – perhaps more than you think. (RTD Denver)

Nearly One-Third of Covid-19 Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State. (New York Times)

How the Pandemic Is Changing Our Exercise Habits. (New York Times)

This Is the Best Time of Day To Shower If You Work From Home. (Well & Good NYC)

Scientists Pinpoint the ‘Sprinting Muscles’—Here’s How To Get ‘Em Stronger. (Well & Good NYC)

‘I’m a Pelvic Floor Expert, and This Easy Mistake Is Terrible for Your Bladder Health’. (Well & Good NYC)

Stop Trying to Exercise Your Indulgences Away. (Lifehacker)


Travel Execs Upbeat About Prospects Under a Biden-Harris White House. (Skift)

United Tests Bundling Flights With Meeting Space for Remote Workers in Subscription Model. (Skift)

Southwest CEO Asks for Worker Pay Cuts Through 2021 to Avoid Layoffs. (Skift)

Considering Delta’s Future Fleet as Retirements Mount. (Cranky Flier)

No U.S. Cruises for the Rest of the Year. (Skift)

Hotels Partnering With Co-Working Companies Signal a Pandemic Trend Could Be Here to Stay. (Skift)

Why Do Hotels Seem to Be Getting the Shaft From Washington on Coronavirus Relief?. (Skift)

Spain announces plans for flying taxi service in Barcelona. (Guardian)

Europe’s Second Lockdown Set to Dash Tourism Hopes for Holidays. (Skift)

How Mountain Party Spots are Redefining Après Ski This Year. (Thrillist)

What If You Just Moved to Finland. (Lifehacker)


Mitch Albom: Election will be meaningless if we don’t change our ways. (Detroit Free Press)

Formulate Your Election Night Plans Now. (Lifehacker)

Say My Name, Say My Name. (Changing Aging)

How To Clean Out a Loved One’s House After They Pass and Make Space for Healing. (Well & Good NYC)

What Does Retirement Look Like in a Pandemic?. (New York Times)

How Parents Can Support Teenagers in the Pandemic College Process. (New York Times)

For Parents, a New Level of Big-Picture Anxiety. (New York Times)

CDC Ranks 13 Autumn and Thanksgiving Traditions by Risk of Exposure to COVID-19. (Well & Good NYC)

Similar: How Will We Cope With the Pandemic Fall?. (New York Times)

Did the Pandemic Transform all My Relationships Into One-Sided Friendships? Because I Always Initiate Conversation. (Well & Good NYC)

10 of the Best Quarantine Date Ideas for Safely Celebrating Special Occasions and Milestones. (Well & Good NYC)

Indoor Dining at the Times Square Olive Garden. (Grubstreet)

Should You Sign Up for Legal Insurance Through Your Job?. (Lifehacker)

Just Closed On Your First Home? This Is What You Should Do Between Closing and Move-In. (The Simple Dollar)

Reframing History: Bananas. (NPR)

This Is Exactly How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets This Winter. (Well & Good NYC)

Finally, for a laugh: COVID Word Problems for Women. (The Belladonna Comedy)

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