October 25, 2020

Links I Love: October 25, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Consumers Are Increasingly Aware of Brands’ Politics, Morning Consult Survey Reports. (Morning Brew)

National Retail Federation Releases Guidelines for De-Escalating Mask Conflicts. (Morning Brew)

You Won’t See Avocados From Mexico at the 2021 Super Bowl—But It’s Not Why You Think. (Morning Brew)

ThredUp selling ‘rental retirees’ from Rent the Runway. (Chain Store Age)

Amazon launches a program to pay consumers for their data on non-Amazon purchases. (Tech Crunch)

Holiday Shopping: Retailers Test New Services, Expand Products to Win Shoppers. (Morning Brew)

Turning a dead mall into a warehouse will slash its value as much as 90%, Barclays predicts. (CNBC)

Gap Orients Distribution Strategy Around E-Commerce and Off-Mall Stores. (Morning Brew)

The next step SMBs need to take after going digital. (Protocol)

Why Zalando Acquired a Body-Scan Startup. (Morning Brew)

Influencers are buying empty shopping bags to pretend they’re rich. (Input)

How a TikTok house destroyed itself. (Vox)


The Hardest Thing You Need To Be Doing. (My Year of Dating Cities)

Coachability Is An Essential Element for Success. (Friday Forward)

Why Small Goals are More Ambitious Than Big Goals. (Deep Existence)

How small habits can lead to big gains. (Patty Azzarello)

I Learned This Stress-Management Trick When I Was 3. (New York Times)

You Can Get Focused (Hint: Put Down That Phone). (New York Times)

Do Smartphones Make Us Dumber?. (Cal Newport)

In defense of making spreadsheets for fun. (Zapier)

In Isolating Times, Can Robo-Pets Provide Comfort?. (New York Times)


Why Americans Really Go to the Gym. (The Atlantic)

What to Do When You’re Bored of Your Home Workout. (Lifehacker)

Can Wearing Glasses Protect You From COVID-19?. (Daily Beast)

Is It Safe to Exercise if the Air Is Hazy With Wildfire Smoke?. (New York Times)

The Key To Hitting Every Muscle In Your Core? Making This Tiny Tweak. (Well & Good NYC)

How One Small Change to Packaged Foods Could Make Healthy Eating Easier. (Well & Good NYC)

A Potential Downside of Intermittent Fasting. (New York Times)

3 Lessons for Longevity From the Healthiest Community in the United States. (Well & Good NYC)

5 Golden Rules of Eating for Energy To Propel You Through the Week. (Well & Good NYC)


Corporate Travel Faces a Grand Experiment. (Skift)

The Southwest Effect on Disappearing Change Fees. (Cranky Flier)

United Airlines Will Remain Half Its Size Until Vaccine Is Widely Distributed: CEO. (Skift)

Loyalty Programs Need to Get Aspirational When Travelers Are Stuck at Home. (Skift)

Hotel Contactless Tech: What Will Stick and What Won’t?. (Skift)

Caribbean Destinations Forced to Rethink Tourism Strategies as Cruises Face Huge Challenges. (Skift)


Dollar Stores Aren’t the Answer To Alleviating Food Insecurity, So What Is?. (Well & Good NYC)

Here’s What Will Likely Happen on Election Day: Part 1. (The Root)

If You’re Already Dreading Winter, Here Are Some Small Ways to Prepare Now. (Vice)

How America Invented the White Woman Who Just Loves Fall. (Jezebel)

Why White People Are Bad At Interracial Friendships (And How To Do Better). (Huffington Post)

11 Things You Should Get Rid Of, According to Professional Organizers. (The Kitchn)

Should You Let Your Insurance Company Track Your Driving?. (Lifehacker)

Choose a ‘Benchmark Dish’ to Evaluate New Restaurants. (Lifehacker)

Why We’re All Ride-or-Die for a McDonald’s Dipping Sauce. (Mel Magazine)

All my takeout has delivered a mountain of trash. So I asked experts how to minimize it.. (Washington Post)

How to Have a Safe and Still Spooky Halloween. (New York Times)

Halloween Candy and Alcohol Pairings. (Molly’s Spirits)

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