August 2, 2020

Links I Love: August 2, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How to Successfully Start a New Job Remotely. (Lifehacker)

To Find Out if Your Potential Boss Will Be Any Good, Ask This Question. (Lifehacker)

The failed dream of the American small business. (Vox)

Check Out These Careers You Didn’t Know You Could Do Remotely. (Lifehacker)

How COVID-19 Has Transformed the Grocery Shopping Experience for the Foreseeable Future. (Well & Good NYC)

We’ll Be Wearing Masks for a While. Why Not Make Them Nice?. (New York Times)

The College Board is a case study in corporate racism. (Penelope Trunk)

Get Yourself a Fake Male Assistant. (Lifehacker) I liked this article, though the real takeaway isn’t so much to create a fake email, as to imagine how someone else would say no on your behalf – and then do it yourself.

How Costco Convinces Brands to Cannibalize Themselves. (Substack)


Why You’re Probably Not So Great at Risk Assessment. (New York Times)

Study: The Pandemic Changes Americans’ View on Productivity. (Evernote)

Stop Procrastinating by Doing Your Future Self a ‘Favor’. (Lifehacker)

Look at Your Webcam When You’re on a Video Call. (Lifehacker)

How to Declutter Your Virtual Space to Become More Productive, Organized, and Focused. (Thrive Global)

The 30 Most Brilliant Cleaning Hacks of All Time. (The Kitchn)

How I created a system for building habits to improve my productivity. (Zapier)


What Can We Learn From Swimmers of a Certain Age?. (New York Times)

I’m a Professional Stretcher, and This Is the One Stretch That Everybody Gets Wrong. (Well & Good NYC)

How We Get Stronger. (New York Times)

Say Goodnight to Your Pandemic Insomnia With These 6 Tips From a Sleep Doctor. (Well & Good NYC)

6 Outdoor Activities Ranked by Risk of Exposure to COVID-19. (Well & Good NYC)

Meet Weav, the First Adaptive Music Technology That’s Making an Impact on Your Runs. (Well & Good NYC) I haven’t used this but I’m super intrigued to give it a try!

Training For Trail Running: From The Road To The Trail. (Cool of the Wild)

If you’re tired of working out, there’s probably a good reason. (Well & Good NYC)


Delta CEO Ed Bastian on Flying Safely During COVID-19. (Time)

Allegiant Air Shareholder Letter from CEO Maurice J. Gallagher Jr.. (Allegiant Air )

Frontier is ready to grow its way out of the coronavirus crisis. (The Points Guy)

Has the Pandemic Killed the Freebie Trip for Travel Influencers?. (Skift)


This video cracks me up: Life in 2020. (YouTube)

Making men feel manly in masks is, unfortunately, a public-health challenge of our time. (Washington Post)

America’s Leadership Failure With COVID-19. (Friday Forward)

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Involved in Local Politics. (Marie Claire)

There’s A Free Online Puzzle Hunt Co-Created by 10 Colorado Escape Rooms. (303 Magazine)

Try This Systems-Based Approach to Personal Finance. (The Simple Dollar)

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Get Along With Your Plants—Follow This Rule To Keep Them Alive. (Well & Good NYC)

Finally, for a laugh: Date Ideas for a Post-Quarantine World. (New Yorker)

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