February 16, 2020

Links I Love: February 16, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How to Attract Google-Level Talent Without a Google-Level Name. (Under 30 CEO)

How to future-proof your career path in 2020 (and beyond). (Fast Company)

Zappos has quietly backed away from holacracy. (Quartz)

The Grooming Gap: What “Looking the Part” Costs Women. (In These Times)

How the ‘Bachelor’ Franchise Became an Influencer Launchpad. (The Ringer)

The Body Shop Adopts “Open Hiring”. (Morning Brew)

KFC and Crocs created a clog that’s covered in fried chicken with a charm that smells like it, too. (CNN)

The newest location to buy Girl Scout cookies in Chicago? Outside a recreational marijuana dispensary.. (Chicago Tribune)

Move over, kale: Mushrooms are the new grocery aisle celebrities. (CNN)

The Coronavirus Outbreak Causes Online Grocery Orders to Skyrocket. (Morning Brew)

The New Trophies of Domesticity. (The Atlantic)

Mathematicians have solved traffic jams, and they’re begging cities to listen. (Fast Company)

This New York deli offers customers free food if they can solve simple math problems. (CNN)


Draw Your 1-Person Org Chart: Plan Your Time Better, Reduce Stress. (Patty Azzarello)

What Aircraft Crews Know About Managing High-Pressure Situations. (Harvard Business Journal)

Is your fixed mind-set holding you back in life? Here are 4 steps to change that. (Well & Good NYC)

This Is How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome: 4 Secrets From Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

The Choice of Success. (The Simple Dollar)

Too Far Ahead of the Pack? Six Indicators of Overproductivity. (Laura Stack)

Only Check Email When You Have Time to Respond. (Lifehacker) I am an Inbox Zero person but I am terrible about this, and need to work on it.

Why are pop songs getting sadder than they used to be?. (Aeon Magazine)

Making Art Is Good For Your Health. Here’s How To Start A Habit. (NPR)

Add Self Care to Your ‘To Do’ List. (Lifehacker) I do this! I regularly put workouts and other self-care activities on my list.

World’s oldest man says smiling is his secret to 112 years. (ABC News)


That Lead Apron in the X-Ray Room? You May Not Need It. (New York Times)

Nuts Don’t Have as Many Calories as You Think. (Lifehacker)


Is the Future of Wellness Travel in Going Niche?. (Skift)

How To Help Your Front Desk Colleagues Overcome ‘Compassion Fatigue’. (Hotel News Now)

Things You Didn’t Know to Ask Your Hotel For. (Room Key)

Tech Trends of 2020: Where Innovation Lies. (Hotel News Now)

A Look at Parallel Reality, Delta’s Wall of Messages Directed at Individual Travelers. (Cranky Flier)

Related: Forget Fancy Tech; Delta Can Win Way More Friends by Tackling the Change Fee. (Cranky Flier) Delta is an extremely impressive airline in how they care for customers, but I’ll be amazed if they can pull off removing a change fee without dramatically dropping revenue.

Moving Beyond Demographics: Data Drives the Future of Travel Advertising. (Skift)

I-70 Ski Traffic Is Starting Earlier And Earlier In Colorado. (Colorado Public Radio)


The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President. (The Atlantic)

How to Turn Depressing Social Media Into a Positive Influence. (New York Times)

99 things to do after a breakup that are actually healthy and healing. (Well & Good NYC)

This is the age with the least happiness in life—here’s why a psychologist says it’s actually a magic year. (Well & Good NYC)

What to Say to Someone With Cancer. (New York Times)

How Do You Navigate Play Dates When You’re a ‘Device-Free’ Family?. (Lifehacker)

How to Know When Your Child Is Ready for a Smartphone. (Lifehacker)

Finally, for a laugh: Things I Should Talk to My Therapist About Vs. Things I Do Talk to My Therapist About. (McSweeneys)

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