December 15, 2019

Links I Love: December 15, 2019

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Neighborhood Goods Has Arrived in NYC. (Morning Brew)

IHOP is opening a fast casual restaurant called ‘Flip’d’. (CNN)

Beware companies that promote “buy one, give one” charity. (Vox)

Rent the Runway Wants You to Travel Without a Suitcase. (Morning Brew)

Cashierless Stores Could Become the New Normal in Checkout. (Morning Brew)

Old Navy’s Hacking Holiday Delivery With a Postmates Partnership. (Morning Brew)

Letters to Santa: San Antonio Gino’s Deli owner becomes local hero for collecting and replying to hundreds of Christmas lists. (CBS News) Aww, this is so sweet!


10 Ways to Shut Down Monday Dread. (Greatist)


What Is the Impossible Burger and Is It Even Good For You?. (Runners World)

We All Really Need to Calm Down About That Peloton Commercial. (Health) I totally agree – it seems to me all the fuss is just what people are reading into it with their own biases, rather than what’s objectively there. If you hate exercise, you’ll see the bike as punishment; if you love it, you’ll see it as an expensive / generous gift.

Here Are Good Ways Yoga Teachers Manage Touch and Consent. (New York Times)

“Stretching intervals” are the easiest way to sneak stretches into any workout. (Well & Good NYC)

This is how quickly skin dries out on a plane compared to on land. (Well & Good NYC)

I’m a dermatologist, and these are the 3 kinds of face masks worth buying. (Well & Good NYC)


Meditation Apps Battle for Airline Partners. (Skift)

American Airlines launches mobile app passport scanning. (Future Travel Experience)

JetBlue Adds Basic Fare in Battle With Discount Rivals. (Bloomberg)

Air New Zealand trials edible coffee cups in bid to reduce waste. (Future Travel Experience) Hmmm… I’d be curious to see if these actually work without leaking. Plus, don’t you just then have to put a napkin or something as a holder so you don’t have bare hands on the cup?

Airlines Use New Tech to Create Partnerships That Increase Direct Bookings. (Skift)

IHG Is Changing How It Distributes Its Hotel Rates to Boost Direct Bookings. (Skift)

Airbnb Now Completely Overwhelms Some U.S. Cities. (Bloomberg)

IHG Launches IHG Studio Guest In-Room Digital Experience. (Hotel News Now)

Don’t Skip Out on Skip-Gen Travel. (Hotel News Now)

Mega Mall Debuts North America’s First Indoor Ski Slope. (Skift) This sounds awesome – I’d love to check it out!

These Guys Just Drove an E63 AMG Across America in a Record 27 Hours 25 Minutes. (Road and Track) Dangerous!


Order Multiple Versions of Something and Return the Ones You Don’t Want. (Lifehacker) I do this a lot! It’s also why I primarily online shop at stores that have physical locations near me, so I can easily make the return without paying a shipping fee.

Ask Yourself ‘What Would This Task Look Like If It Were Fun?’. (Lifehacker)

Make Cookie Butter From Danish Butter Cookies. (Lifehacker) Mmm, add this to my list of things I want to make with my sister-in-law next weekend.

How Your Strict Budget Can Become a Time Suck. (Lifehacker)

The Fastest Way to End an Argument. (Lifehacker)

Similar: The Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Any Conversation. (Lifehacker)

Making the world’s largest gingerbread village is a full-time job for a New York City chef. (ABC 7)

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