February 10, 2019

Links I Love: February 10, 2019

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How To Develop An Authentic Executive Presence Through Self-Awareness. (Forbes)

The Death of the Sick Day. (New York Times)

Startups and Legacy Brands Are Making Healthcare More Personal. (Skift)

Return of the Razr—With a Foldable Screen and $1,500 Price. (Wall Street Journal)

Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL. (Wired)

How to Make a Millennial Feel Cozy in Just One Beverage. (New York Times)


Manage the Clock. (Feld Thoughts)

25 Super Tiny Resolution Ideas You Could Actually Keep. (Yes and Yes)

The Reflective Practitioner: Five Ways Self-Reflection Can Improve Your Productivity. (Laura Stack)

How to Listen Like a Hostage Negotiator. (Lifehacker)

Try Reddit’s Best Tips for Reading More Books. (Lifehacker)

4 hacks to remember any and all facts. (Well & Good NYC)

Similar: Train Your Brain Like a Memory Champion. (New York Times)

Hey sweetie pie, there’s now science to support using pet names. (Well & Good NYC)

How to Apply the Broken Window Theory to Your Own Messy Life. (Greatist)

Having an “addictive personality” is a myth—here’s what’s really behind your unstoppable TV binges. (Well & Good NYC)


Q&A With Sarah Reinertsen. (Furthermore from Equinox)

How to tell if your workout is really working or if you should switch it up. (Well & Good NYC)

Do More Pull-Ups or Push-Ups by Spreading Them Out Throughout the Day. (Lifehacker) I did this with pushups and it really helped!

How to Start a Running Routine. (New York Times)

Race An Unusual Distance. (Furthermore from Equinox)

10,000 steps is the biggest scam of our generation. (Well & Good NYC)

Mind May Trump DNA in Exercise and Eating Habits. (New York Times)

There Is No ‘Fat Burning Zone’. (Lifehacker)

Eat Dessert Post-Lunch. (Furthermore from Equinox)

One in 10 Adults Have a Food Allergy. Many More Say They Have One.. (New York Times)


10 technology trends for airlines and airports to focus on in 2019. (Future Travel Experience)

How Air Travel Will Change in 2019. (Wendy Perrin)

20 Percent of Top-Tier Airline Elites Could Lose Status in 2019. (Skift)

United CEO Wants More Business Class Seats in Jets Flying Transatlantic. (Skift)

United Airlines to limit emotional support animals to only cats and dogs. (Dallas Morning News)

Herb Kelleher’s genius was inspiring loyalty and joy among Southwest Airlines employees. (Dallas Morning News)

TripActions Adopts U.S. Airlines’ Next-Generation Storefront Effort. (Skift)

Frontier Flight Attendants Stop Pooling Gratuities. (Bloomberg)

Related: Why Frontier’s Flight Attendants Shouldn’t Solicit Tips From Passengers. (Bloomberg)

Pros and Cons of JetBlue’s Possible European Expansion. (Skift)

One-Upping Delta and Their ‘Creepy’ Coca-Cola Napkins, JetBlue Debuts Its Own Even Creepier Pepsi Napkins. (Aviation Daily) This makes me laugh (as long as it’s taken as a joke).

Why The Travel Industry Is Blockchain’s Best Bet. (Forbes)

Google Starts Piloting Voice Products for Airlines and Hotels. (Skift)

Google tells hotels to think of smart devices as extra organs of a guest’s body. (Phocuswire)

Marriott Invites Hotel Guests to Redecorate – Using AR and a Bottle of Water. (Hotel News Now)

How Two Billionaires Are Looking to Transform U.S. Rail Service. (Bloomberg)

The Uber App Now Incorporates RTD Bus and Train Routes. (5280 Magazine)

Swiss Resort Crans-Montana Wants Out of Ski Pass Amid Overtourism Concerns. (Bloomberg)


Why 5:30 Is the Ultimate Dining Time. (Thrillist) Early dinners (and happy hours)? YES PLEASE.

How to Survive a Group Dinner at a Restaurant. (Lifehacker)

Does honey expire? Here’s what you should know about the pantry staple. (Well & Good NYC)

Micro-resolutions: Learning the ideal way to chop onions, once and for all. (Lifehacker)

Leave Your Pancake Batter Lumpy. (Lifehacker) This was a new one for me!

You Need A Capsule Kitchen. (Furthermore from Equinox)

How to Decide if a Warehouse Club Membership Is “Worth It”. (The Simple Dollar)

The Little Guide to Digital Decluttering. (Be More With Less)

Buy the Cheap Thing First. (Lifehacker)

Do You Share Too Much About Your Kids Online?. (Lifehacker)

Facebook: Where Friendships Go to Never Quite Die. (The Atlantic)

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