November 18, 2018

Links I Love: November 18, 2018

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Why Brainteasers Don’t Belong in Job Interviews . (New Yorker)

10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview . (New York Magazine)

Tech Companies Are Getting Free Work Out of Job Applicants . (Medium)

Why Have Our Offices Become Like Touchy-Feely Kindergartens? . (Medium)

I feel like I get along better with my male bosses—is it just me, or is it gender bias? . (Well & Good NYC)

Cognitive Bias: How Your Mind Plays Tricks on You and How to Overcome That at Work . (Zapier)

Doing Yoga at Work Is Even Dumber Than You Thought . (New York Magazine)

Stay Warm at the Office. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Follow this email template to get your boss to reply within 5 minutes flat . (Well & Good NYC)

4 Common Problems Caused by Collaboration (and How to Fix Them) . (Zapier)

To Get Employees to Empathize with Customers, Make Them Think Like Customers . (Harvard Business Journal)

The Robin Hood of Algorithms: Why LinkedIn’s New Feed Could Be a Game Changer for Marketers . (HubSpot)


Motivating Until It Hurts: Four Subconscious Motivators That Can Damage Productivity . (Laura Stack)

You Have to Stop Canceling and Rescheduling Things. Really. . (Harvard Business Journal)

How to Be More Creative (and Why It’s Important) . (Deep Existence)

Related: We Can All Produce Creative, Original Work. Here’s What Holds People Back . (Heleo)

How to create long-lasting happiness (without even trying) . (Well & Good NYC)

Why Even Optimists Should Embrace Their Pessimistic Side . (Lifehacker)

The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain . (The Atlantic)

How To Have More Energy: 3 Powerful Secrets From Research . (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Stay Productive by Breaking Your Day Up With Microbursts of Physical Activity . (Lifehacker)


A National Goal: Prevent a Million Heart Attacks and Strokes by 2022. (New York Times)

Forget bars and malls: Why wellness spaces have become THE social hangouts of choice . (Well & Good NYC)

Can You Think Yourself Healthy? (Medium)

6 rules you’ve heard about running to break right now… . (Well & Good NYC)

The Runner’s Hip Problem . (Furthermore from Equinox) I really want to try this exercise this weekend.

A Device That Makes Running Faster and Easier . (New York Times)

Are All Gels Created Equal? (Furthermore from Equinox)

How to dine out when you have severe food allergies—and how restaurants can help . (Lifehacker)


Virgin Is Lending Its Name to a High-Speed Train Line in Florida . (Skift)

Airlines Hope Algorithms Can Finally Fix Their Drink Carts . (Skift)

Flyers should worry about “customer lifetime value” scores . (Economist)

JetBlue’s President and COO Gets Candid On Innovation, Brand Identity, Long-Haul, and Putting People First . (Total Blue Sky)

JetBlue Follows the Numbers . (Cranky Flier)

JetBlue CEO Defends Bag Fee Hike as Cost of Doing Business . (Skift)

United Airlines Warns Pilots on Issue That Plagued Fatal Lion Air Flight . (Skift)

Sabre to Buy Farelogix for $360 Million to Help Airlines Sell Better . (Skift)

Southwest, American airlines alert pilots about 737 sensor issue cited in fatal Indonesia crash . (Dallas Morning News)

DOT Finally Makes Operational Statistics Accurate . (Cranky Flier)

Lufthansa Group May Sell Its Catering Arm as In-Flight Food Demand Dwindles . (Skift)

Why American Airlines Is So Obsessed With On-Time Departures . (Skift)

The TSA Plans to Use More Biometrics at Airport Security Checkpoints . (Skift)

Racing for Your Flight but Need a Winter Coat? Try the Airport Vending Machine . (Wall Street Journal)

Atlanta airport launches America’s first “biometric terminal” . (Economist)

Renew Your Global Entry and PreCheck Access Before They Expire . (Travel Codex)

Could Google or Amazon end up owning the traveler profile? . (Phocuswire)

Gen Z Travelers Are More Open to Influence and Inspiration Than Other Generations . (Hotel News Now)

The person giving you official travel advice may be an inmate . (USA Today) I love this.

Study: Over Half of Gen Z Wants to Work in the Hospitality Industry . (Hotel News Now)

Inside the Delightfully Quirky, Absolutely Fabulous, and Utterly Exhausting World of Cruise Performers . (Esquire)

7 important truths about guest messaging in hospitality . (Tnooz)

Hotels Are Discovering Back-of-House Uses for Voice Technology . (Skift)


Find Your Phone by Talking to It . (Lifehacker)

How Amazon Now Shapes What Our Stuff Looks Like . (Lifehacker)

5 tips for choosing better beer at the grocery store . (Lifehacker)

Why Sleeping With Your Ex Might Not Be a Terrible Idea . (Lifehacker)

How to Argue Your Way to a Stronger Marriage . (Redbook)

8 Things Everyone Should Know Before Seeing a Therapist . (Greatist)

How to Stop Yourself From Crying . (New York Times)

How to Help Teenagers Embrace Stress . (New York Times)

How to Harness Your Anxiety . (New York Times)

Lifestyle Deflation and the ‘Low-Value’ Items in Your Life . (The Simple Dollar)

How to ‘Front Load’ Your Financial Choices to Avoid the Impact of Decision Fatigue . (The Simple Dollar)

How to Host Thanksgiving Without the Stress . (Camille Styles)

Finally, for a laugh: 7 gentle rules for hosting the most Midwestern gathering imaginable . (Lifehacker)

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