September 16, 2018

Links I Love: September 16, 2018

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


The Power of No in the Workplace. (Robb Report)

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Women Supporting Each Other at Work. (Harvard Business Journal)

Men Who Advocate for Others in the Workplace Face Backlash. (Scientific American)

In Interviews, Female CEOs Say They Don’t Expect Much Support — at Home or at Work. (Harvard Business Journal)

To Stay Sane at Work, Try Taking Microvacations. (Curiosity)

Which of These 5 Common Meeting Problems Would You Like to End?. (ConverSketch)


Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Four Actions to Maximize Your Mornings. (Laura Stack)

Herding Cats: A Simple Method for Working with the Disorder of Our Lives. (Zen Habits)

Your smartphone is chopping your life into tiny, less meaningful pieces. (A Life of Productivity)

How Loneliness Changes Across Your Lifetime. (Greater Good)


Concentration Hack: Hydrate. (Furthermore from Equinox)

An Underappreciated Key to College Success: Sleep. (New York Times)

How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds. (Medium)

Optimize Your Caffeine Intake. (Furthermore from Equinox)

How Body Type May Determine Runners’ and Swimmers’ Destinies. (New York Times)

Prevent Mid-Workout GI Issues. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Undo the Damage of Sitting. (Furthermore from Equinox)


Was Emirates to blame for 100 passengers feeling ill on a recent flight?. (Economist)

Meet the Southwest Airlines storm trackers watching the skies to keep your flights safe. (Dallas Morning News)

British Airways Weathers Yet Another PR Crisis. (Skift)

Why Next-Generation Airline Retailing is no Longer a Futuristic Talking Point. (Skift)

Travel Managers Aren’t Buying Basic Economy Fares: Here’s Why. (Skift)

Google Finds Customer Service Beats Loyalty Programs. (Skift)

Airports and airlines fall into line on interlining. (Tnooz)

Travellers’ fury is being sparked by fake power outlet stickers. (Daily Mail)

How Hospitality Is Using Instagram to Spin from Generation Show-Off. (Hotel News Now)

Travel From Canada to the U.S. Could Be Complicated by Legal Marijuana. (Skift)

Here’s Everything You Need to Do in Boulder. (Thrillist)

Lonely Planet Reveals the ‘World’s 500 Best Meals’. (Daily Mail)

Uber Drivers Take Riders the Long Way—at Uber’s Expense. (Wall Street Journal)

One of France’s Biggest Theme Parks Is Training Birds to Pick Up Trash. (Travel & Leisure)


Teenagers Are Over Face-to-Face Communication, Study Says. (Time)

The Ex-Noma Chef Who Wants to Make School-Food Reform Big Business. (New Yorker)

Stop Misusing Autocorrect. (Lifehacker)

Finally, for a laugh: A Guy Emailed 246 Nicoles Trying To Find The One He Met At A Bar And Now They’re All Friends. (BuzzFeed)

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