February 18, 2018

Links I Love: February 18, 2018

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


A professor tested whether cliché career advice actually works. (Quartz)

a href=”https://buff.ly/2H7oTEC” target=”_blank”>How to Always Be Prepared for Any Meeting. (Daily Muse)

These Eight Phrases Are Killing Your Chance For A Promotion. (Fast Company)

I Started the Media Men List. (New York Magazine)

The Lesser-Known Career Barriers That Women Face. (Career Contessa)

The New Midlife Crisis for Women. (Oprah)

9 Bad Bosses, and How to Work for Them. (New York Magazine)

Why People Really Quit Their Jobs. (Harvard Business Journal)

The Importance of Deep Fun. (Daniel Coyle)


4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Setting Goals (and Focus on Process, Instead). (Heleo)

Changing These 4 Beliefs Will Make You Surprisingly Happy. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Imposter Syndrome. (Human Potential Running)

Losing Graciously (#110). (Friday Forward)

Force Overtime? Or Go for the Win?. (New York Times)

A list of 25 Principles of Adult Behavior by John Perry Barlow. (Kottke)

Ten Steps to Freeing Yourself from Your Worry. (Psychology Today) I needed this – been pretty stressed and sleepless lately.

Why willpower is overrated. (Vox)

Please Try.. (Medium)

Why you should always deliver the bad news first. (TED Talks)

To be more productive, take more breaks, says an expert. (Well & Good NYC)

Why Trying New Things Is So Hard to Do. (New York Times)

Why The Brain Can’t Resist Facebook: Digital Slavery and How to Handle Freedom. (Deep Existence)

Why Can’t I Put My Smartphone Down? Here’s The Science. (NPR)

Are You Guilty of Starting Tasks But Not Finishing Them?. (Time Management Ninja)

Why You Should Wake up At 4 am And Beat The Zombies. (Medium)

“Patty, How much do you sleep?”. (Patty Azzarello)

Night Owls Have Wider Social Circles. (Furthermore from Equinox)

6 traits you should actually look for in a partner, according to matchmakers. (Well & Good NYC)


Want to know if you’re exhibiting signs of depression? Check your texts. (Well & Good NYC)

How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen reveals its secrets. (Guardian)

How to tell a cold from the flu, in 2 great charts. (Vox)

Related: Can orange juice actually help you stave off or cure the flu?. (Well & Good NYC)

Why antibiotic-free “super chickens” might be public health’s newest superheroes. (Well & Good NYC)

How Our Bones Might Help Keep Our Weight Stable. (New York Times)

Epsom Salts Make Baths Nicer but They Do Nothing For Your Muscles. (Lifehacker)

This is the exact order to apply products in the shower, according to dermatologists. (Well & Good NYC)

Lying around in bed all weekend might actually be good for you. (New York Daily News)

3 workout moves to master for better sex. (Well & Good NYC)

What Parents Can Learn From a Town That Produced 11 Olympians. (New York Times)


United Airlines engine disintegrates over Pacific, forcing emergency landing. (Guardian)

U.S. Airlines Bumped Far Fewer Passengers After United Dragging. (Skift)

Should I Sleep or Stay Awake on My Next Flight?. (Travel Codex)

Can changing cabin pressure curb jet lag?. (Well & Good NYC)

Related: Curing Jet Lag Will Be the Secret to Successful 19-Hour Flights. (Skift)

American Airlines Is Not Prioritizing Launching Very Long Flights. (Skift)

Gogo Wants U.S. Airlines to Know Satellite Wi-Fi Isn’t the Only Answer. (Skift)

The next airline IT outage could happen at any time – are you prepared?. (The Globe and Mail)

For ‘First Airlines’ passengers, the journey is the VR destination. (Tnooz)

Steps to successful personalization, how Emirates did it. (Tnooz)

Norwegian CEO outlines plans to improve long-haul inflight experience. (Future Travel Experience)

Why Did New York’s JFK Struggle to Cope With Its Flight Backlog?. (The Points Guy)

Volumes better. (Airport World)

Denver traffic reaches an all-time high in 2017. (Airport World)

The sheer size of Denver International Airport is astounding!. (Reddit)

A Wellness Cruise Line Wants to Compete With the Industry’s Biggest Names. (Skift)

Hilton CEO Believes Direct Booking Campaign Is Key to Improved Guest Experience. (Skift)

Smart Hotel Guest Rooms Are Almost Here. (Skift)

Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off When You Travel Abroad. (Thrillist)

The Selfie Comes First in This Indonesian Tourism Village. (Skift)


You Probably Purchased Used Beauty Products Posing as New from Ulta, Per New Lawsuit. (The Fashion Law)

How One Book Changed My Relationship With Money. (New York Times)

When Junk Food Is the Only Treat You Can Afford to Buy Your Kids. (The Lunch Tray)

Raising a Kid Costs How Much? Ways to Whittle Down the Costs of Parenthood. (The Simple Dollar)

This Cold House: 18 Ways to Keep You and Your Home Warm Without Big Energy Bills. (The Simple Dollar)

The House That Spied on Me. (Gizmodo)

America’s Real Digital Divide. (New York Times)

5 insider shopping secrets from a Whole Foods employee. (Well & Good NYC)

Our musical tastes peak as teens, says study. (The Verge)

Break up with your smartphone. (Vox)

The Financial Value of a Quality Information and Media Diet. (The Simple Dollar)

8 secrets to dating like a French woman. (Well & Good NYC)

4 Ways to Feel Less Lonely on Valentine’s Day. (Time)

True Story: My Sibling Is Transitioning. (Yes and Yes)

3-Ingredient Happy Hour: A Maple Old Fashioned. (Lifehacker) I’m absolutely making this soon, after loving the maple old fashioned I had in Vermont last weekend!

The Enlightenment Is Working. (Wall Street Journal)

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