October 22, 2017

Links I Love: October 22, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


What 10 People Wore to Their Interviews With Anna Wintour. (New York Magazine)

5 Non-Obvious Things You Can Do to Make Your Resume Stand Out. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Ask a Boss: ‘My Intern Is a Complainer!’. (New York Magazine)

Three Keys to Happiness at Work. (Greater Good)

Ask a Boss: ‘How Do I Get People to Talk in Meetings?’ (New York Magazine)

Advice for people who work from home. (Quartz)

Related: Why working from home should be standard practice. (TED Talks)

Ask a Boss: ‘How Do I Get Over My Impostor Syndrome?’. (New York Magazine)

Facebook VP Deb Liu: How to Find a Career Sponsor. (Time)

How to Survive Work When You Can’t Take a Vacation. (Daily Muse)

Take This Quiz to Figure Out How to Be Happier at Work. (Harvard Business Journal)

Did you have the fight yet?. (Patty Azzarello)

Desperate to quit your job? Read this first. (TED Talks)

Redefining “Brave”. (Shondaland)

The two most important questions when scoping your MVP. (Crew Blog)

3 Ways to Feel More Empowered at Work. (Mindful)


Exceptional Performance: Four Tips for Extreme Productivity. (Laura Stack)

Why Happiness Leads to Success (Not the Other Way Around). (Heleo)

Want to Make a Good Impression? Don’t Do These 4 Things. (Psychology Today)

First Evidence That Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society. (Technology Review)

There’s a scientific reason why dating algorithms don’t always work. (Well & Good NYC)

How Honesty Could Make You Happier. (New York Times)

Why So Many People Believe Conspiracy Theories. (Time)

Finding Success Through Failure. (Parker & Lynch)

3 tips for conquering your inbox. (Well & Good NYC)

Science Says You Need Mean Friends. (Parents Magazine)

6 Things You Must Quit Doing Today to Be More Successful. (Heleo)

Tell Me What You Read, And I’ll Tell You Who You Are. (Medium)

How to structure your day better. (Quartz)

5 Simple Questions Successful People Ask Themselves Every Day. (Success Magazine)

A Legendary Harvard Professor On How to Craft Goals You’ll Actually Achieve. (Thrive Global)

Trying to Get Ahead? Plan in Reverse, Study Suggests. (Association for Psychological Science)

Getting More Done by Resting More. (Buffer)

What is Your Phone Doing to Your Relationships?. (Greater Good)

Five Strategies for Taking Control of Your Digital Life. (Heleo)

Can You Learn How to Control Your Dreams?. (Big Think)


Your Dog Can Improve Your Sleep. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Color Thy Lunchbox for a Nutrient Boost. (My Fitness Pal)

3 Health Tips That Actually Changed My Life. (Greatist)

Is There Such Thing as Healthy Obesity?. (My Fitness Pal)

Study Shows Body Image Can Improve in One Workout. (My Fitness Pal)

Strength Train at 2pm. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Daily 7-Minute Workouts Shed Body Fat and Waistlines in 6-Wk Study W/Out Dietary Changes. (Suppversity)

Kipchoge on the Berlin Marathon: “I Want to Run a World Record”. (Runners World)

Comical Look at the Secret to Decoding Race Course Descriptions. (Run to the Finish)

5 Tips for Beginning Day Hikers. (My Fitness Pal)

And the most active cities in the country are…. Go Colorado!! (Well & Good NYC)


A New Trail Would Connect 3 States Across 1,650 Miles. (Travel & Leisure)

Business Travelers Remain Concerned About Work-Life Balance. (Skift)

The Shortest Flight in America Is Only 16 Minutes Long. (MSN)

Taking inflight entertainment to the next level. (Tnooz)

Business of Pajamas, Pillows and Bragging Rights on Airplanes. (Skift)

Business of Loyalty: Delta Makes Top Elite Status Tougher to Reach for Credit Card Holders. (Skift)

Lufthansa Readies $590 Million Bid for Alitalia Assets. (Skift)

Flight metasearch – hard landing into a new business model. (Tnooz)

Air NZ’s chatbot gaining intelligence as it comes online outside of New Zealand. (Future Travel Experience)

Digitally Transforming the Airline Industry with Real-Time Data. (Skift)

United Execs Predict Fares Will Stay Low for the Rest of the Year. (Skift)

United Airlines Struggles to Keep Its Polaris Promises. (Skift)

Security through culture. (Airport World)

America’s Best Cities for Fall Travel. (Travel & Leisure)

Luxury Ski Spot Breckenridge Tries to Diversify Its Seasonal Economy. (Skift)

The New Luxury Vacation Is Crunchier and Quieter. (Skift)

Paris Intends to Ban Gas-Powered Cars by 2030. (Skift)

Similar: Self-Driving Cars Likely to Be Tested on Manhattan Streets in 2018. (Skift)

Google to build a futuristic neighborhood in Toronto. (CNN)

Five Reasons I Love Living in Flyover Country. (The Simple Dollar)

Cuba Tourists Wonder if They Too Were Targets of Invisible Attacks. (Skift)


How to Survive the Apocalypse. (New York Times)

Quackery’ Chronicles How Our Love Of Miracle Cures Leads Us Astray. (NPR)

How digital devices challenge the nature of ownership. (Medium)

Approach Technology Like the Amish. (Cal Newport)

The Best Age Kids to Get a Phone and Other Milestones. (Readers Digest)

How to Teach Kids About Money, from Toddlers to Teens. (The Simple Dollar)

Girl’s response to a sexist homework question wins the internet’s applause. (Some Ecards)

13 Ways to Beat the Single-Person Penalty. (The Simple Dollar)

How to build a marriage that truly meets your needs. (TED Talks)

Try These ‘Love Hacks’ to Fix Your Marriage. (New York Times)

Melinda Gates Complimented Ivanka Trump – And Everyone Needs to Hear It. (Sweet Life with Ericka)

Billions in tax breaks offered to Amazon for second headquarters. I’m really hoping Colorado wins it! (Reuters)

Why You Need to Back Up Your Phone Everyday. (Time Management Ninja)

How to Enjoy an Expensive Hobby Without Overspending. (The Simple Dollar)

Finally, for a laugh from any other nerdy theater kids: Honest Theatre Awards. (Medium)

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