August 6, 2017

Links I Love: August 6, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


More women are signing up to run for office, but will they succeed?. (CNN)

Why Calling Yourself a ‘Girlboss’ Is Setting You Up for Failure. (Inc)

It’s Not Just Mike Pence. Americans Are Wary of Being Alone With the Opposite Sex.. (New York Times)

Why Can’t Your Company Just Fix the Gender Wage Gap. (Bloomberg)

3 Ways People Judge Your Executive Presence When You’re A Woman. (Forbes)

The Art of Delegating: What and How to Delegate to Your Directs. (Zapier)

What I Hear When You Tell Me Your Company Doesn’t Do Meetings. (Medium)


Making It Stretch: Five Tips for Being More Productive with Less. (Laura Stack)

How To Increase Motivation: 4 Secrets From Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Hyperbolic discounting: Why you make terrible life choices. (Medium)

The Unpleasant Truth Behind Why We “Can’t” Break Bad Habits. (Yes and Yes)

When Slower Communication Enables Faster Growth. (Cal Newport)

Not Wasting Someone’s Time Is Just Networking Courtesy. (Medium)

Help the future look better than the past with this simple trick. (The Small Change Project)

Why You Shouldn’t Take Advice From Almost Anyone. (Medium)

Why You’re Most Likely to Take Risks When You’re Only a Little Bit Tired. (Van Winkle’s)


Daily Wisdom: Summertime Insomnia is Real. (Furthermore from Equinox)

I Slept Like an Athlete for a Month, Here’s What Happened. (My Fitness Pal)

Do We Need to Update Sleep Lingo to Reflect Our Nighttime Tech Use?. (Van Winkle’s)

How Napping Subway Commuters Know When They’re at Their Stop. (New York Magazine)

Should you be using a bar of soap or a body wash?. (Well & Good NYC)

Does More Sweat Mean a Better Workout?. (Greatist)

How do you stack up against other runners?. (Well & Good NYC)

On Running for Time. (See Dane Run)

I Never Thought I’d Say This. (T-Rex Runner)

How to Dominate a Day Hike (Even If You’ve Never Stepped Foot on a Trail). (Greatist)

On Your Bike, Watch Out for the Air. (New York Times)

Is Alcohol Good for You? An Industry-Backed Study Seeks Answers. (New York Times)

Nina Dobrev’s healthy guide to planning the perfect girls’ night in. (Well & Good NYC)

Everything we love to eat is a scam. (NY Post)

3 myth-busting facts that will totally change what you think about sugar. (Well & Good NYC)

Similar: 12 Incredibly Easy Tips to Quit Sugar…Or Just Eat A Lot Less. (Run to the Finish)

Salads Are a Lie. (Greatist)

How forming a meal prep squad can transform your work day, friendships, and even your career. (Well & Good NYC)

5 Tips for a Healthier Smoothie Bowl. (My Fitness Pal)


Chinese Tourists Seeking Out the Wild West Are Heading to Wyoming. (Skift)

Business of Loyalty: What the Travel Industry Could Learn From Amazon Prime. (Skift)

The Unspoken Benefit of Business Travel. (LinkedIn)

Business of Loyalty: Using Big Data to Measure Sentiment Across Loyalty Programs. (Skift)

Customer experience could become travel’s biggest profit driver. (Tnooz)

Digitalisation is the answer for airlines. (Tnooz)

British Airways and Air France-KLM Stocks Soar on Long-Haul Growth. (Skift)

Southwest CEO Doesn’t Expect Business to Be This Good Forever. (Skift)

Related: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Southwest Airlines (LUV). (Investopedia)

This Airline Will No Longer Assign Middle Seats to Women Who Are Flying Alone. (Travel & Leisure)

Is it wrong to drug your children so they sleep on a flight?. (Telegraph)

Pivotal Ruling on Airline Seat Size Finds FAA Should Consider New Regulations. (Skift)

5 crew empowerment initiatives that can improve onboard efficiency and experiences. (Future Travel Experience)

Travelers Love Spunky Norwegian Air. But What About Investors?. (Skift)

Related: Investors prefer airlines with good customer service. (Economist)

Passengers don’t care about perks. (Wandering Aramean)

The secret system that prevents pilots who hate each other from sharing a cockpit. (Telegraph)

Another cockpit story: The Reason Airplane Pilots and Co-Pilots Eat Different Meals. (MSN)

Pilot-Hero Sullenberger Labels Air Traffic Control Privatization an Extreme Solution. (Skift)

Frontier’s Expansion Could Spark a Fare War. (Skift)

American Airlines Revives Direct-Connect Moves While Sabre Questions Feasibility. (Skift)

Security Screening Intensifies in Australia Airports After Plot Disrupted. (Skift)

‘Contactless traveller’ processing coming to Australia’s international airports. (Future Travel Experience)

Destination CLT. (Airport World)

Houston Airports launches turn-by-turn airport wayfinding technology. (Future Travel Experience)

Practice safe Internet on the road. (USA Today)

12 Frugal Summer Vacation Strategies from Our Family’s National Park Vacation. (The Simple Dollar)

On the not-so-frugal side: The 7 Most Unique Restaurants in the World. (PureWow)

Take. More. Vacations.. (A Life of Productivity)


14 Things to Borrow, Not Buy. (The Simple Dollar)

Tinder Paid for a Woman’s Flight After She Missed It Because Her Date Was So Good. (Travel & Leisure)

Don’t Date an Alpha Female Who Travels. I loved this article so much, except for the crappy one in the middle implying that women who travel are flaky/uncommitted… see the comments 🙂 (Great Nomad)

You Won’t “Just Know” When Someone Is The One. (Refinery29)

Dude kindly made an elaborate first date PowerPoint and got blocked for it. (Mashable)

Similar: Why you should date me’: Student creates hilarious PowerPoint presentation. (Telegraph)

Parents reveal the rudest things their children have ever said to strangers. (The Sun)

Finally, for a laugh: How To Tell If You’re Ready To Have Kids. (Huffington Post)

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