August 2, 2017

2017 Monthly Goal Check In: July

August really snuck up on me, but as I look back through my goal posts, I realized that every month this year has been going by so fast. But even though we’re well into the third quarter, I’m really happy with how 2017 is going. Lots of good stuff all around!

I completely abandoned my 10 pushups / 20 split squats / 30 plank leg lifts… it just felt like too much to be doing that and run a mile every day. Okay, that’s what I told myself, but I know it sounds ridiculous when I write it out! I’ve been doing poorly on this goal for a little while, and this month I finally told myself I was okay with abandoning it since I’m now focused on run streaking. However, I will admit that I feel guilty about that decision and kind of torn. My pushup strength has gone out the window (as evidenced by when I had trouble doing 35 pushups at Fitness on the Rocks) and that makes me sad! But I think until I get to Labor Day, I’m not going to worry about this one… and maybe just start trying to incorporate it into my routine again in September.

Fortunately, I have been doing well with my goal of intentionally walking five minutes every night before bed. I usually do it while brushing my teeth/getting ready for bed, but the last few days, I’ve been pacing back and forth in my hotel room while catching up on news/blogs on my phone. It’s a nice way to get to zone out to social media while still feeling like I’m being productive! Highly recommend this.

Still more than on track to read 100 books this year, as I’ve read 66 books so far (where mathematically I should be at 58)… more to come on that Friday, when I review what I read in July.

On the volunteering front, in July, I had my first “performance” for Boulder County Parks & Open Space Living History Days… and I had an absolute blast! Essentially, volunteers staff Walker Ranch so that families can come through and learn about life in the 1800s. My assigned stations were churning butter, teaching calf roping, and running the log hewing/wood cutting station. All valuable life skills I should add to my resume, right? It was so much fun to get to teach and chat with kids and families, though. I especially loved asking kids where they get butter (Costco), and then blowing their minds by telling them that in the 1800s, they would have been responsible for the long process of milking the cows and making it themselves. It took me about 90 minutes to make one batch of butter, but it was surprisingly easy, and really delicious. I might need to start making my own at home? One of the parks employees told me that she now makes her own butter at home using a blender (shhh don’t tell anyone at Walker Ranch), and adds all kinds of yummy herbs and spices to it.

Our theme for this Heritage Day was livestock, so here’s me hanging out in the petting zoo. August’s event is school-themed, and I’m really excited to lead a spelling bee!

Not much progress on the cooking / sharing my meals front… though I was happy that I remembered to take pictures at my French-themed birthday party.

Yummy food! I can’t wait to make this clafoutis again, too… Julia Childs knocked it out of the park with this simple but delicious recipe.

I just haven’t been home enough to be cooking! The last few weekends, even when I’ve been home for a few days, I’ve been so jam-packed with plans for every single meal with friends that I haven’t even bought groceries. I’m kind of dreading how empty my fridge is going to look when I get home tomorrow night… but I’m hoping I can sneak in at least one or two home-cooked meals before I fly out again Monday.

Speaking of… when did it get to be Wednesday night? Flyday is already tomorrow? I’ve been having a great week but I am also pretty excited to go home!


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