December 26, 2016

Links I Love: December 26, 2016

With Christmas being yesterday and most people off work this week, I thought I’d delay my links by a day. So if you want an excuse to stay in bed longer, here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
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How to Start a Career in Behavioral Design. (Nir and Far)

How Much Ambition Can a Marriage Sustain? (The Atlantic)

How to Handle a Colleague Who’s a Jerk When the Boss Isn’t Around. (Harvard Business Journal)

15 Work Resolutions For Grown-Ass Women To Make In 2017. (Bustle)

Four Steps to Making the Most Out of Your Meeting Notes. (Time Management Ninja)


Keystone Habits: Improve All Areas of Your Life with One Small Habit. (Zapier)

3 Proven Rituals That Will Make You Motivated. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Similar: Stoicism Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Mentally Strong. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

5 Tips for Telling Stories That Are So Interesting Listeners Won’t Be Tempted to Pull Out Their Phones. (Daily Muse)

3 Surefire Ways to Find Common Ground With Strangers (You Have to Talk To). (Daily Muse)

Is Early Retirement Great? For Some, It’s Hard Work to Have Fun. (New York Times)

Some Thoughts on Transitioning to Digital Minimalism. (Cal Newport)


When the Picky Eater Is a Grown-Up. (New York Times)

21 Unexpected Ways To Eat Fewer Carbs Without Even Noticing. (SELF Magazine)

Can You Get Too Much Protein? (New York Times)

Why Do I Gain Weight When I Exercise? (New York Times)

The Problem with Skipping the Gym Too Many Times. (My Fitness Pal)

Running On Ice and Snow: Tips to Stay Upright. (Run to the Finish)

Do Compression Socks Help Shin Splints? (Compression Info)


Smaller Bathrooms on Planes Pose Challenges for Passengers. (New York Times)

Related: What it’s like to be that fat person sitting next to you on the plane. (Future Travel)

United Airlines’ new Basic Economy fares: no carry-on, no seat assignment, no problem?. (

A black doctor barred from helping on a flight gets an apology — and triggers a policy change. (Washington Post)

Flying while Muslim: A YouTube star says he was forced off a flight for speaking Arabic. (Economist)

How You Can Survive if Your Plane Breaks Down in Midair. (Thrillist)

Related: The Man Who Cleans Up After Plane Crashes. (GQ)

Feel strongly about airline distribution in the US?. (Tnooz)

More Americans will be flying over Christmas. Can airports cope? (Economist)

New DIA agreements call for $11.5M lighted welcome sign, parking deals, aerotropolis promotion. (Denver Post)

App reveals wifi passwords for airports worldwide. (New Zealand Herald)

Here’s How to Travel Like an Expert This Holiday Season. (Skift)

The 30 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017. (Forbes)

10 Food Trends for 2017 That Travelers Already Love. (Skift)

How the Internet of Things Will Impact Travel in 2017 and Beyond. (Skift)

What Does It Mean to Be a Disney Bride? (Racked)

A Native New Yorker and Professional Tour Guide Shares Insider Tips for First Timers. (Skift)

19 Things Even New Yorkers Don’t Know About NYC. (PureWow)

When Will New York City Sink? (New York Magazine)


11 Insane Christmas Light Displays to Get You Pumped for the Holidays. (Thrillist)

9 Ways to Improve Your Love Life. (New York Times)

How to Order Wine in a Restaurant. (Lucky Peach)

There Are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here’s Why.. (Thrillist)

And finally, for a laugh: When My Grandkids Ask What I Did to Fight American Fascism, I’ll Tell Them I Tweeted a Few Times. (McSweeneys)

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