May 22, 2016

Links I Love: May 22, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Here’s how to make money doing what you love in the 21st century. (Under 30 CEO)

4 Steps for Working through Office Conflict. (Ivanka Trump)

3 phrases to give hard feedback so your colleagues don’t resent you. (Business Insider)

Why Are Powerful Women Icons Always Wearing High Heels?. (Huffington Post)

Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem?. (Backhannel)


Let’s put the ‘free’ back in freelancing: How to schedule around your natural creative flow. (Ooomf)

Write Longer Emails. (Cal Newport)

Don’t Let ‘Completion Bias’ Derail You at Work. (Science of Us)

3 Ways To Use Feedback Loops To Improve Your Performance. (Under 30 CEO)

The Face Everything Technique: Why Avoiding Difficulties Doesn’t Work. (Zen Habits)

5 smart ways to spend your willpower wisely. (A Life of Productivity)

10 Ways to Do Your Own Impossible Daily. (Live Your Legend)

Get out of your damn bubble. (Ooomf)

This Is The Lazy Way To Kill Bad Habits: 8 Secrets From Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Why Mini Habits Is the Greatest Personal Development Strategy Ever. (Deep Existence)

Are you the icing or the cake? The art of becoming indispensable. (Ooomf)

If Plan A Fails, Remember that You Have 26 Letters Left. (Chris Guillebeau)

Is “Grit” the Key to Success or an Old Idea Dressed Up to Be the Latest Self-Help Sensation?. (Slate)

How To Figure Out What Makes You Happy (so you can do more of it). (Yes and Yes)

Catharsis. (You Are Not So Smart)

This is Why I’m Opting Out. (Medium)

How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You. (Inc)

Why Do Girls Tend to Have More Anxiety Than Boys?. (New York Times)


The Surprising Problem With Calorie Counting — The “Calories In” Edition. (Precision Nutrition)

Part 2 of “The Surprising Problem With Calorie Counting”– Calories Out.. (Precision Nutrition)

Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins. (New York Times)

Does Diet Coke Cause Fat Babies?. (Jayson Lusk)

GMO Crops Don’t Harm Human Health, Report Says. (Time)

How Breakfast Became a Thing. (Priceonomics)

How to Sleep For A Brighter Complexion. (Sakara Life)


Take a spinning class while the bus wheels are spinning with 1Rebel. (Digital Trends)

Heathrow hires world’s first airport cycle offer to encourage staff to get on their bikes. (Airport World)

Scrapping fees for checked bags might not shorten America’s nightmarish security queues. (Economist)


How Will The World Change Over The Next 50 Years?. (Medium)

Colorado population growth far outstripped new housing, census says. (Denver Post)

Memo to parents: Your adult kids don’t want your stuff. (Mlive)

The Power of Going It Alone. (Lifehacker)

27 Photos Of My Fat Face That Prove Camera Angle Is Everything. (Bustle)

Dad tries to scare son by waking him up as Darth Vader, discovers son is a ‘fearless’ badass.. (Some Ecards)

Finally, for a laugh: Guy Takes More Fake Book Covers Onto Subway To See How People React. (Bored Panda)

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3 thoughts on “Links I Love: May 22, 2016”

    1. That is FASCINATING! I don’t know that I could give up wine/beer, though. But now I want to find a deep pool to try that swimming workout… it sounds intense!

    2. Luckily (if Laird Hamilton is being honest with the LA Times) we have a few more years to drink alcohol if we desire to follow his lead exactly! BTW the reference to Paul Chek is worthy of a follow-up. My father obtained Chek’s treatise more than ten years ago. It intrigued me enough that I needed my own copy (that is also where I learned initially about the Yiquan philosophy).

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