April 25, 2016

April Goal Progress: Week 3 Check In

Keeping it short tonight since my bedtime is in ten minutes…

I can’t believe it’s already the last week of the month! I had some wins and some losses this week on the sleep front, but I’m feeling pretty darn energized for a Monday – which is super rare. If this is all that comes out of my month long sleep experiment, I’ll take it!

Overall, I averaged 7:39 sleep per night, which is down 9 minutes per night from the week before.

On the loss side, you can see a BIG dip on 4/21, when I had a client dinner followed by drinks with my partner. I caught up a bit on Thursday night, but then Saturday morning I was doing a volunteer shift prepping and serving breakfast for the Denver Rescue Mission that started at 5am… so that set me back a lot. I tried to block Friday and Saturday nights to catch up on sleep, but things came up and I didn’t catch up nearly as much as I wanted to. On the plus side, I had a blast volunteering, and it made me extra tired last night so that I could get to sleep early for my flight commute today. Maybe volunteering at 5am on Sundays before church is going to be my new way to get prepped for the week and energized for 4am Monday morning wakeups?

We were told to avoid wearing gang colors to volunteer. I wasn’t sure what “not gang colors” were, but I figured pink and purple were pretty safe bets.

On the win side, banning all social media within one hour of my planned time really helped me avoid distractions at bedtime. There was one night where I read my book longer than I probably should have, but for the most part, it’s social media that keeps me up – and that’s super easy to cut out! I am definitely going to stick with the “books before bed” only rule going forward, long after this challenge is done. Even if it doesn’t get me all the way to eight hours, it definitely helps.

So – one week to go of trying my hardest to get eight hours a night! I think (hope?) that it will be an easy week, since I’m going to be on vacation with my family in South Carolina starting on Wednesday. Sleeping on the beach? Yes, please! But who knows, maybe the epic late night battles of Risk that my family is known for will interfere more than I think 🙂


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