February 28, 2016

Links I Love: February 28, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


One of the keys to a great job interview has nothing to do with the job. (Business Insider)

Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success. (Wall Street Journal)

The 4 Most Important Elements Of Your Voice. (Fast Company)

Charles Schwab CEO Reveals How He Tests Job Candidates by Taking Them to Breakfast. (The Blaze)

How To Use A Book Club To Turn Your Startup Into A Learning Machine. (Tech Crunch)

How Google Ventures Uses Design Sprints to Ship Great Products. (99U)

The Awful Reality About Working From Home That None Of Us Work-From-Homers Want You To Know. (BuzzFeed)

Woman up: 5 reasons I am not your #girlboss. (Charlotte Agenda)


16 Questions That Will Make Small Talk (a lot ) Better. (Yes and Yes)

Success 101: 7 Common Traits (and Take-Aways) of Highly Successful People. (Live Your Legend)

Trick Yourself into Breaking a Bad Habit. (Harvard Business Journal)

Is your computer screen big enough?. (A Life of Productivity)

Grit: What I do When Feeling Unmotivated. (Run to the Finish)

Always Late? 9 Tips for Overcoming Chronic Lateness. (Gretchen Rubin)

Why Certain People Always Feel Like Their Phone is Buzzing — Even When It’s Not. (Van Winkle’s)

8 Things You Need to Do If You Sit at a Computer All Day. (PureWow)


The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Didn’t Drink for 30 Days. (Greatist)

How to Spot a Narcissist (It’s Not as Easy as You Think). (Greatist)

Patients, and Doctors, Aren’t Dying at Home. (New York Times)

10 Tips, Routines and Techniques for Winter Training from Endurance Experts. (SaltStick)

How to Know If You Actually Got a Good Workout. (Greatist)

Carb-Free Cloud Bread Is a Diet Game Changer. Has anyone tried this? I’m intrigued. (PureWow)

Here’s How Much Sugar You’re Really Eating in a Day. (Greatist)

Staying Healthy While Traveling the Globe. (New York Times)


The Madness of Airline Élite Status. (New Yorker)

Survey: Business Travelers Are All Over the Place When it Comes to Booking. (Skift)

Those ‘Last Class’ Plane Tickets Have A Serious Upside. (Huffington Post)

The 5 Airline Websites Best Designed for Up Selling Flyers. (Skift)

Selling the Extras: Getting Ancillary Sales Right. (Skift)

Air passengers are being offered more ways of getting online. (Economist)

Should passengers be allowed to wear what they like in airport lounges?. (Economist)

A short history of the much-maligned jet bridge. (USA Today)

How the U.S. Will Decide Which Airlines Get to Fly to Cuba. (Skift)

Cruise Lines Have Perfected the Art of Knowing How Many Hot Dogs to Bring on Board. (Skift)

Interview with Amadeus’ new head of R&D in the Americas. (Tnooz)

Colorado’s Marijuana Tourists Can’t Handle the Pot Like a Local. (Skift)


Single Women Are Now the Most Potent Political Force in America. (New York Magazine)

You Don’t Get to Keep the Furniture — and 6 Other Shocking Revelations About Being on Fixer Upper. (PopSugar)

Cooking 101: Your Essential Kitchen Tools. (Nerd Fitness)

The Socioeconomics of Picky Eating. (The Lunch Tray)

A Hidden Cost to Giving Kids Their Vegetables. (New York Times)

Why So Many Rich Kids Come to Enjoy the Taste of Healthier Foods. (The Atlantic)

9 Cabin Fever Cures for Kids. (Ivanka Trump)

Finally, to end on a lighter note: Kids’ Birthday Parties in the 70s Vs. Now. (Victoria Fedden)

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