January 3, 2016

Links I Love: January 3, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


33 things you should never say during a performance review. (Business Insider)

When Crying at Work Can Get You What You Want (And When It Can’t). (Time)

Nobody Cares How Hard You Work. (99U)

Expectation Hangover: The Real Reason Millennials Are Disappointed With Life. (Greatist)

I Interviewed the Most Successful People Alive—Here’s What I Learned. (Fortune Magazine)


The success habit I wish I knew 18 years ago. (Medium)

Bret Easton Ellis on Living in the Cult of Likability. (New York Times)

55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy. (The Freedom Experiment)

How To Cure Your Chronic Lateness. (A Pair & A Spare)

Have You Ever Re-Gifted Your New Year’s Resolution? (LinkedIn)

Why your New Year’s resolution may do more harm than good. (Business Insider)


What Science Says About Women Who Are Able to Have Kids Later in Life. (Ozy)

The Trick to Packing Gym Clothes. (PureWow)

How to Turn “Eat Less, Move More” Into a Useful Weight Loss Action Plan. (My Fitness Pal)

Chefs Tell Us 2015 Food Trends That Need to Be Retired. (Thrillist)


Colorado’s Vail Mountain Adds More Acreage to Its Skiing Empire. (Skift)

On the other side of the pond: Skiing the Alps Gets Tougher as Climate Change Takes Its Toll. (Skift)

#ORUSingle : Love on a plane. (Fox News)

New Twist on the Economy Seat Wants to Eliminate Long-Haul Pain. (Skift)

How Travel Can Improve in 2016: A Wishlist. (Skift)

Some Americans are upset at the prospect of free public transport this New Year’s Eve. (Economist)

The states people really want to move to — and those they don’t. (Washington Post)


Designer’s Take on Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Screw Up. Interesting to see it from a UX perspective. (Medium)

23 Kitchen Hacks. (Tasting Table)

Why I’m Done Asking My Husband To Help Me Out. (Scary Mommy)

San Bernardino and the Mechanics of a Double Life. (New Yorker)

I read 164 books in 2015 and tracked them all in a spreadsheet. Here’s what I learned. (Vox)

Related: The 10 New Books to Read in 2016. This list comes from the esteemed Adam Grant, and I can’t wait to read every one! (Medium)

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Making a Bed. Quick video that’s surprisingly helpful! (PureWow)

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2 thoughts on “Links I Love: January 3, 2016”

  1. I tried that bed making tip. Results were mixed at best (but comical).

    Chronic lateness is frustrating. It is essentially telling the person ” I think my time is more important than yours”. (Which, I guess was point #1 in the article). LIFEHACK: Buy a watch, plan. DONE.

    I felt like the “why I stopped asking my husband to help me out” was reallllyyy splitting hairs. Either I’m not linguistically advanced enough or I just dont’ think through things that much to have even considered that.

    1. I think the “results were mixed” only because you were joking around when you did it. I don’t necessarily follow that exact process, but I do generally try to straighten the bedding before I get out of bed so that it’s a LOT easier to make once I’m out of it.

      Totally agree on the chronic lateness and the semantics of the asking your husband to help. The second one is way too feminist for me, but I thought it was an interesting perspective!

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