October 4, 2015

Links I Love: October 4, 2015

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Call Him, Email Me, Text Her: The Many Methods of Business Communication. (Laura Stack)

Coworking Spaces Create Opportunity for a New Kind of Guest. (Skift)

Why I Put My Wife’s Career First. (The Atlantic)

7 Secrets to Being an Extraordinary Creative Manager. (99U)

The Science of Storytelling Through Facebook Images: 10 Actionable Strategies from Successful Brands. (Buffer)

The Unwritten Rules of Drinking with Coworkers. (Levo League)

Why Won’t My Employees Admit They’re Going on Vacation?. (Harvard Business Journal)

Related: U.S. Workers Need to Take More Vacations to Improve the Economy. (Skift)

How Governments Can Hold on to Their Top Performers. (Governing)


How Not to Be a Networking Leech: Tips for Seeking Professional Advice. (New York Times)

Secrets To Success: 6 Tips From The Most Successful People. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

How To Make An Amazing First Impression. (Smaggle)

How to Make Friends as a Grown-Up. (Real Simple)

How To Actually Do The Stuff You Say You Want To Do. (Mind Body Green)

How Your To-Do List Can Make You a Happier Person. (Daily Burn)

6 Curious Hacks to Accomplish More by Doing Les. (Huffington Post)

28 of the best things I ever did — from my bedroom to my business. (Danielle LaPorte)

10 Habits of Ultra-Likeable Leader. (LinkedIn)


8 Solutions to Overcome the Most Common Fitness Roadblocks. (My Fitness Pal)

The Cruel and Unexpected History of the Treadmill. (Greatist)

11 Types of Annoying Running Partners. (Runners World)

How To Run Faster In Just 3 Days a Week. (Fitfluential)


Are Server-less Restaurants the Future of Dining?. (The Atlantic)

How to Travel Like You’re Not Totally Broke. (Jezebel)

How Millennials Are Disrupting the Meetings Industry. (Skift)

The Disruptive Airline Concept That Puts Passengers First. (Skift)

What Is First Class These Days? It’s Complicated. (Wall Street Journal)

In the hot seat. (Airport World)

Landing a mega-merger: The last days of US Airways. (Washington Post)

Swiss Air Flight 111 Plane Crash History – Long Fall of One-Eleven Heavy. (Esquire)

Man arrested after making bomb threat so he wouldn’t miss his flight. (Daily Mail)

The unstoppable rise of in-flight Wi-Fi. (Economist)

Why do people delete mobile apps?. (Tnooz)


To The Teenage Girls At The Swimming Pool. (Huffington Post)

What If We Treated Our Sons How We Treat Our Daughters. (Everyday Feminism)

What Life Was Like Before Cell Phones. (PopSugar)

Do You Text While Driving? Why You Shouldn’t–and How to Stop.. (Gretchen Rubin)

Prepping for the 10 Most Important Moments of Your Life. (Thrillist)

stakeholder analysis of birthday greeting mediums. (Instagram)

Nihilistic Password Security Questions. (McSweeneys)

Finally, for a laugh: When mom is watching. (Imgur)

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2 thoughts on “Links I Love: October 4, 2015”

  1. That article on tips to travel cheap was good… but honestly the first comment was even better (and arguably longer!!). I dunno about hostles though. As you are very aware, I’m not good at slumming it when I travel. 🙁 I’m a delicate flower.

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