June 7, 2015

Links I Love: June 7, 2015

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
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Shark Tank’ investor Lori Greiner shares the best advice she’s ever received. (Business Insider)

Why you should demand an agenda for meetings, and how to do it — nicely. (David Jaxon)

10 Business Meetings that Will Waste Your Time. (Time Management Ninja)

Laszlo Bock’s eight steps to being a good manager. (David Jaxon)

This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave. (Buzzfeed)


How to Beat Procrastination with Daily Training. (Zen Habits)

8 Time-Tested Task Management Methods. (Zapier)

4 Cures for Feeling Overwhelmed: A Book Review. (Near and Far)

Why Busy People Get More Done And How You Can Too. (Dan Waldschmidt)

Why Already Busy People Are More Likely To Get More Things Done. (Fast Company)

How To Be Happy: Optimize Your Downtime In 3 Easy Steps. (High Performance Lifestyle)

How To Get Smarter. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

The “Pinch Yourself” Hack for Rapid Language Learning, Backed by Science. (Fluent in 3 Months)

A Simple Trick to Get a Song Out of Your Head. (Science Of Us)


Fructose May Increase Cravings for High-Calorie Foods. (New York Times)

Unable to Lose Weight? Three Pillars of Short- and Long-Term Weight Loss Success. (Suppversity)

Exploring Why Some People Get Fitter Than Others. (New York Times)

10 Mistakes New Runners Make. (Run Selfie Repeat)

37 Simple Ways to Improve Your Running (Without Causing You Stress). (Rock Creek Runner)

11 Thoughts Every Runner Has After Finishing a Marathon. (Runners World)

Meet the 27-Year-Old Who Has Run 54 Marathons. (Yahoo Health)

The Women’s Roadmap to Health. (The Road to Domestication)

Slushies vs. Frozen Underwear for Hot-Weather Workouts. (New York Times)


Why Germany now requires people to be trained before using some elevators. (Washington Post)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol completes transition to central security. (Future Travel Experience)

New terminal to transform LaGuardia into ‘world class facility’. (Airport World)

Green light for passengers to clear US Customs at Stockholm Arlanda. (Airport World)

Gatwick Airport shows value of data sharing and collaboration. (Future Travel Experience)

Survey: Passengers Want Simpler Tech Solutions From Airports and Airlines. (Skift)

Dubai Tries to Squeeze Its A380s Into Formation. (Bloomberg News)

Delta Likely to Trim Seat Capacity to Protect Fare Levels. (Skift)

Delta wants to stow your carry-on items for you. (The Verge)

Yellowstone Park Officials Share Tips for Not Getting Gored by Bison. (Skift)

Boulder, Colorado Moves to Restrict Airbnb-Style Short-Term Rentals. (Skift)

Denver’s 12 best suburbs for young professionals. (Denver Business Journal)


How real was UnREAL? (Possessionista)

The Art of Making Customers Happy on Social Media. (Buffer)

A Better Way to Say Sorry. (Cuppa Cocoa)

Why you can’t get blog traffic: Nobody cares. (The Wonder Forest)

Is Your Relationship With Your Parents Normal? (Greatist)

Roald Dahl’s Heartbreaking Letter About Losing his Daughter in 1962. (Farnam Street)

How to Spot Income Inequality From Space? Count the Trees. (Moyers and Company)

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