June 14, 2015

Links I Love: June 14, 2015

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Five Pieces of Work Advice You Should Ignore. (Go Girl Finance)

Office Cheering On Employee Going For 32-Minute Nonstop Work Streak. (The Onion)

Lawyers With Lowest Pay Report More Happiness. (New York Times)

How to Survive Being In-Between Jobs. (Levo League)

Millennials Matter, but Generation C is the Holy Grail. (Hotel News Now)


Five psychological tips to optimize your pricing page. (David Jaxon)

Deliberate Practice: How To Improve Your Productivity… Fast. (High Performance Lifestyle)

New CareerBuilder Survey Reveals the Most Common and Strangest Productivity Killers at Work. (Hotel News Now)

10 Expert-Approved Tips to Triumph Over Summer Procrastination. (Levo League)

10 Simple Strategies for Sticking to Your Goals. (Daily Burn)


This Is What Our Health Looked Like Just 10 Years Ago. (Huffington Post)

5 Signs You’re In A Workout Rut—And How To Get Out Of It. (Prevention Magazine)

How to Pick the Best Running + Walking Shoes for You. (My Fitness Pal)

Race Day Spectator Signs That Will Make You LOL. (Run Selfie Repeat)


Eight reasons why travel websites fail the consumer and lose a booking. (TNooz)

Selling dreams, delivering nightmares, how airline personalisation helps. (TNooz)

Delta Debuts Anti-Paparazzi VIP Service at LAX. (Yahoo Travel)

The Open Skies Elephant in the Room at This Week’s IATA Conference. (Skift)

Southwest Airlines And The Fight For Dallas Love Field. (Seeking Alpha)

JetBlue Tries to Hold on to What Made It JetBlue as It Enters Next Phase. (Skift)

Airbus A330 Flies For 25 Minutes Over The Pacific With Both Engines Out. (Flight Club)

India’s Growing Problem of Under-Qualified Yet Certified Pilots. (Skift)

Hikers damaging some of Colorado’s best 14ers. (9 News Denver)

Snakes on Plains: The Strange, Surprisingly Popular World of Rattlesnake Rodeos. (Grant Land)

17 Reasons Every Other City Should Be Jealous of Denver. (Thrillist)


Experiments in Sobriety. (New Yorker)

Trader Joe’s Employees Dish on Their Secretive Employer. (Thrillist)

Finally, here’s one to read twice and really learn: 10 words that you’ve probably been misusing. Oops. (Hello Giggles)

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4 thoughts on “Links I Love: June 14, 2015”

  1. This is the first “Links I Love” I am reading and I have to say I’m so hooked I plan to go through most of the past few months since I have all this time on my hands as I apply for jobs. I really enjoyed the Millennials Matter, But Gen C is the Holy Grail.

    Great links!

    1. Thank you so much, Tracy! I am doing a lot of research for work right now on millennials and intergenerational workforce differences, so I’ll definitely be sharing more along those lines.

  2. That article about the a330 flying for 25 min w/out any engines is FACINATING. My ex-brother in law is a pilot and has always said that he hates helicopters b/c if something goes wrong, you’re falling out of the sky like a rock. “give me the physics of a plane’s wing any day over that nonsense!”

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