February 7, 2015

Beaver Creek and World-Class Skiing (Plus World-Fail Line Standing)

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day. I crammed as much work as I could into the morning, then headed over to my realtor’s office in the afternoon for a pretty serious discussion – we needed to talk pricing for my second try at putting in an offer on a house! I am really hopeful about this one, and put in what I think is a really strong offer, so cross your fingers for me – I am incredibly nervous until I hear the news tomorrow!

While I’m definitely stressing about the house, I found a great way today to take my mind off it – a day of skiing at Beaver Creek, which also happens to be where the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships were being held!

Beaver Creek 2015 World Ski Championships
The grandstands were PACKED by 9am, even though the race didn’t start till 11!

In addition to a ton of other races, today was one of the headline events: the men’s downhill. After arriving at the mountain and doing a few regular runs, we tried to figure out where to go for the best views and learned that the prime vantage point was actually midway down an experts-only slope. Remember how I said my goal for this ski season was to venture out onto expert terrain? Well, this was the perfect chance!

Laura Hitting the Black Terrain
Ready to tackle my first black diamond of the season!

So I will fully admit: the blacks were exceptionally well-groomed, to the point where there were parts that probably would have classified as blue (intermediate). But, I did it without even being a little bit afraid, and I felt great about it! I ended up going down twice – once as a test run to check out all the viewing spots, and then another to actually get to what we thought was the best one. It was indeed pretty excellent – I was able to dig a little “lounge chair” for myself out of a snowbank, and then kick back and relax as I watched the incredible racers fly down the intentionally-icy course.

2015 World Ski Championships
This picture of a racer coming down the course taken while lying in a snowbank, basking in the strong Colorado sun. I could not have been happier!

However, before I could pat myself on the back too hard for successfully navigating the black diamond slopes, I had a little accident at one of the stupidest parts of the mountain – while trying to navigate the crowds for the lift line. It was so packed that the lines started going uphill instead of just being on the flat part, which mean you had to be careful if you wanted to keep your spot in line without accidentally slipping down the hill. Unfortunately, my skis got crossed with another skier’s, and down I went. At first, I thought that I might have twisted my knee, because my legs flailed out at opposite angles – but that turned out to be fine.

What wasn’t fine, though, was my tailbone – I skied a few more runs and felt like it was maybe bruised, but now a few hours later, I’m in excruciating pain when I try to bend over or take more than baby-sized steps when I walk. WTF?! (For what it’s worth, Dr. Google told me that a bruised tailbone should result in pain while sitting, but that’s actually perfect comfortable – it’s moving around that hurts so much.) I am so annoyed and am just hoping I can magically heal it before I’m supposed to run a marathon next weekend! I usually find that running can heal anything, but I don’t think it would be very smart to run when it hurts to move my legs in a walk.

Plus side: I’ve been getting kind of burned out lately, so having to head home early is kind of nice, and I’m psyched to have a whole day tomorrow to GSD around my apartment. (And try not to think about the fact that I may be moving out of it in 30 days if my offer is accepted.) Sometimes a quiet night/day in is just what you need!


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