December 28, 2014

Links I Love: December 28, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Building a Winner’s Circle: Who You Really Need in Your Corner to Be Successful. (Under 30 CEO)

Why Shark Tank is Terrible for Your Business. (Copyblogger)

Must read! Women at Work: A Guide for Men. (Wall Street Journal)

Similar: 5 Tips for Men Who Manage Women. (Levo League)

9 Ways to Get People to Take You Seriously. (Levo League)

A 3-step guide to better communication. (Crew Labs)


How to Better Remember and Make Use of What You Read. (Zapier)

5 Science-Backed Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Emails. (Daily Muse)

5 Non-Evil Ways To Get People To Do What You Want, From Dan Pink. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Cool psychology around gift-giving: You really, really, shouldn’t have. (Tim Harford)

My Favorite New Year’s Ritual: Creating an Accomplishments List. I’m planning to do this on Wednesday! (A Year Of Productivity)

Don’t set goals based on what you think you can achieve. (David Jaxon)

Learned Helplessness. (Farnam Street)

4 Science-Backed Ways to Build Up Your Nest Egg. (LearnVest)

Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow. In case you missed it, I also wrote a post this week inspired by this video, What If You Commit… Tomorrow. (TED Talks)

Productivity Experiment: Should you take a three-hour afternoon siesta? (A Life Of Productivity)

5 Steps To Optimizing Your Sleep. (Under 30 CEO)


How E-books May Disrupt Your Sleep. (New York Times)

Top 2015 Fitness Trends and Wellness Trends. I’m excited for the new year! (Well + Good NYC)

Related: 3 things we learned from our Facebook Chat on Treadmill Workouts. (Well + Good NYC)

Exercise to Lose Weight? Stay Warm. Wow, that’s an easy hack to prevent overeating! (New York Times)

Winter Running Guide: How to Run Faster by Spring. (Daily Burn)

Marathon Training Tips from a Pro. (Verizon Wireless)

8 things not to say to someone training for a marathon. (Half Crazy Mama)

32 Problems Only People Who Go Spinning Understand. (Cosmopolitan)


Marriott Wants to Be an Incubator for Culinary Entrepreneurs. (Skift)

Cornell Report Demonstrates the Power of Management Integrity. (Hotel News Now)

Tech trend for 2015 and beyond: The hotel room as a computer. (Tnooz)

NLRB Decision Allows Your Employees to Union Organize Through Your E-Mail System. Wow, that’s a big strike against management and a huge victory for the unions! (Hotel News Now)


Linda Tirado on the realities of living in bootstrap America. (Slate)

Who should you marry? I’m so glad you asked. This is beautiful! (My Husband’s Tumor)

Finally, for a laugh (and a full explanation of how to pull off an awesome prank): Yale-Harvard Football Game Prank. (Business Insider)

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