September 1, 2014

Review / Giveaway: Evolve Fit Wear

Last day of the three day weekend! I know, yuck. I’ll post a full “long weekend recap” tomorrow (I got to do so much Colorado-y stuff this weekend!) but for now, I thought I’d provide a little fun with a review and giveaway. Also, don’t forget to check out my friend Brit’s updated Labor Day Legs workout (which requires no equipment, so you can’t use that as an excuse) – I did it today and it’s a killer!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might not know that I’ve been rather obsessed with this one outfit lately. I feel like that would probably be okay if it were jeans and a cute top, or a dress… but it’s workout apparel. So I am basically in what some people would call “slug mode” all the time.

Chin Up Bar
I prefer to think of it as “ready to workout anytime” mode, especially after installing a chin up bar in the doorway of my den.

However, these two particular pieces are really unique – and I’ve never seen anything like them before. (My friend Adam refers to the leggings as “my crazy pants,” which I take as a compliment.) Evolve Fitwear reached out to me, and when I visited their site, I fell in love. Evolve is not the manufacturer; rather, they are an online retailer that sells clothing from a lot of really top quality brands.

In fact, remember the Onzie capri giveaway that I did a few months ago (that so many of you raved about)? Onzie is one of Evolve Fitwear’s featured brands, and the rest of what Evolve Fitwear carries is right in line with that amazing style. When I browsed the Evolve Fitwear website, I found that there were a ton of awesome brands featuring really unique prints and patterns – many of which I had never heard of before! I may be pretty mainstream in my work wear/casual wear (I think there have been several occasions where I’ve seen “my” dresses/shirts/cardigans on someone else, thanks to mass retailers like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft), but lately I’ve had a lot of fun wearing funkier workout apparel – and I’ve actually been complimented on several occasions on how cute my workout outfits are! That is a huge change for me. Maybe there’s something to be said for going a little out there when you’re getting sweaty.

To start, Evolve Fitwear sent me a black tank top that was anything but basic. (Should also add that it was beautifully packaged in tissue paper like a birthday present – that was my first hint that this was a high end, personalized company!) The Glyder Grace Tank has a babydoll fit, which is always great to disguise any muffin top you might have peeking out the top of your workout pants. However, the fabric is much more luxurious than any other babydoll tank I’ve tried. The bust area is actually made of two fabrics – an athletic nylon/spandex blend but then topped with a bit of lace overlay. The lace attaches to the rest of the bust in a neat cut that adds a bit of interest when you’re up close, but from far away, it still appears to be one solid top – so you can wear it with some crazy pants. (Coming to that shortly.) The body of the tank is long line (meaning it can cover your hips and butt!) and is made from a thin, textured technical fabric that breathes well and wicks wonderfully. It has two “side pulleys” that you can use to add as much or as little ruching as you like, which I really liked for a customized fit. The only thing I didn’t like about this top was that it’s a T-back… and I don’t have any super-supportive sports bras that have that kind of back. I settled for letting my racerback tanks stick out a bit more when working out in this tank, though took the sports bra off for these pics – there is a still a pretty good shelf bra inside. However, I think I need to get at least one T-back or maybe just a new racerback in a fun, cool fabric that I don’t mind showing.

Laura In Evolve Fitwear
How cute is this outfit?!

So as you can see from the picture, Evolve Fitwear also sent me the Liquido Jacquard Pant – and these were insanely amazing. The material is a little thicker than I’m used to for workout wear, and it has a really cool two-textured feel to it. The Camo Gray ones that I got came in shades of black, gray, and white, making them easy to pair with just about any color top – but Liquido also makes leggings in some cool colored prints if you’re feeling really crazy. I wore these for Flywheel, for yoga, and even out hiking a 14er, and they held up great every time. I wouldn’t recommend them for Bikram/hot yoga, given the thickness of the fabric, but they’ve done well for each of those other workouts. And, unlike a lot of cheaper brands that make thicker pants, these hold their elastic and don’t stretch out at all even after several wearings/washings! They retail for $76, which is more than I would usually spend on pants of any kind, but I’ve probably been wearing them more than even my jeans lately. (Hooray for living in Colorado, where you can get away with wearing activewear in even the “nice” restaurants.)

DNS Mt Sherman
I even wore them to hike a 14er! (The pants had nothing to do with the reason I didn’t summit – my legs were perfectly warm in them.)

Since I’ve mostly been doing crazy patterned pants along with a simple, solid top, here are some of my favorite capris that I spotted at Evolve Fitwear:

Evolve Fitwear Capri Favs
From left to right: Nux Core Low Rise Capri in Sapphire / Teeki Goddess Capri in Purple HazeBalance Fitwear Foldover Capri in Dolce FlowerOnzie Hot Yoga Capri in Tiger / ZweetSport Monte Carlo Capri in Rainbow Stripe

The only downside for me to Evolve Fitwear is that the prices are closer to those at Lululemon/Athleta than those at Old Navy/Target… which can get a bit expensive. However, the two pieces that I tried definitely look and feel very expensive – I’d say much higher quality than just about any other brand I’ve tried, including Lululemon and Athleta. The material is gorgeous, the stitching is sound, and I like the little details like the side pulleys on the Glyder tank and the double-fabric waistband on the Liquido capris that helps pull me in a little bit. Evolve Fitwear seems to do a great job curating their store! If you are on a budget, they also have a pretty big sale section. I like that you start by choosing your size, rather than having to get tempted by all the cute stuff that is on sale but only in size XXXXXXXS or XXXXXXXL that doesn’t actually fit anyone 🙂


Evolve Fitwear Giveaway

Evolve Fitwear has generously agreed to give one lucky reader a $50 gift card to pick out anything you like from the site. (Crazy patterns, here you come!) To enter, click through from email/your reader and use the Rafflecopter widget below. You’ll need to answer in the comments which three Evolve Fitwear items are your favorite, but if you win, you can use the gift card for anything you like. The giveaway will remain open for one week, until next Sunday at midnight, so you should have plenty of time to enter and think about your favorite Evolve Fitwear apparel in case you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to Evolve Fitwear for the chance to try their amazing products – I love being on the cutting edge of cute workout fashion!

Note: Evolve Fitwear provided me with the tank top and capris that I wrote about in this post. Otherwise, I received no compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.


28 thoughts on “Review / Giveaway: Evolve Fit Wear”

  1. I’m in such a workout clothes rut. I have been on the Old Navy/Gap Fit train for too long and need to try out some new stuff!!! I love the fit of the tank you show. I tend to wear just shelf bra tops to spin class, so that would be perfect!!!!!

  2. Maria Schweighofer

    I LOVE cute workout clothes!! I love the tank you’re wearing (great fit!), Teeki Goddess Capri in Purple Haze and Onzie Hot Yoga Capri in Tiger.

  3. I love the Teeki Deer Medicine leggings (teal and black!), the Liquido Ruffel Mandala Sun leggings, and the Glyder Sweat it Out tank.

  4. You are the stinkin’ cutest! I love the Glyder Grace Tank (black of course – I’m all about anything that attempts to slim this body of mine haha), the Cozy Orange Devi Women’s Hoodie (because anything with thumbholes gets an A+ in my book!) and the Soybu Lotus Capri (because I can only work out in capris.) Great giveaway!

  5. My fav is the Jala Clothing Layla TriBlend Top. Also like the Sandra McCray Ribbed Drawstring Skirt w/Pockets and the Purusha People Love Wrap

  6. The sick t-back yoga tank, deer medicine hot pants, alo yoga illusions capri. I would be the most stylin’ girl in Pilates with this gear!!

  7. 3 items at that caught my eye are: Cozy Orange Divinity Bra, Nina B Roze Heart Butt Legging, and the Onzie Pura Vida Top. But there is so much cute stuff on that website that it is truly difficult to narrow down the choices!

  8. I love their: Spiritual Gangster West Coast Burnout Tank, Spiritual Gangster Logo Sweatpant, and the La Vie Boheme Yoga Warrior Yoga Mat 🙂

  9. Top three:
    Teeki Goddess Capri in Purple Haze
    Liquido Jacquard Pant
    Onzie Hot Yoga Capri in Tiger

    aka… I LOVE TIGHT WORKOUT PANTS! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Anagha Bharadwaj

    I want all the cute things! I love the Teeki Goddess Capri, the Be Love eco – Fleece Sweatshirt in grey, and the Teeki Diamond Tribe Bell Bottoms – super cool looking!

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