September 14, 2014

Links I Love: September 14, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Why You Should Stick it out and NOT Quit Your First Job. Really, though, it’s applicable to anyone thinking of quitting any job. (Levo League)

We just did a big day of training at work on providing/receiving feedback so I loved this: Leadership Moments: Offering Feedback. (Peter Bregman)

Homing from Work – What Personal Tasks Are OK/Good to Do At Work? The line is especially blurred if you work from home! (Corporette)


How to Make Your Life Better by Sending Five Simple Emails. (Time)

What’s Better Than Coffee Or Naps? Coffee Naps. (99U)

Why You Can’t Spot Your Own Typos. (Business Insider)

Is It Okay NOT To Have A Best Friend? (Refinery 29)

Where do children’s earliest memories go? (Aeon)

Related: What your 1st-grade life says about the rest of it. (Washington Post)


What Happened When We Let Science Dictate How We Drank Coffee. (Fast Company)

Less Frequent Large(r) Meals & Caffeine Increase Your Energy Expenditure & Conserve Your Resting Metabolic Rate. Intermittent fasting for the win! (Suppversity)

Funny: I Ate With a Food-Shaming Fork for a Week.(New York Magazine)

 5 Things To Do Besides Emotionally Eat. (Lindsay Weighs In)

Balance is a Sparkly Unicorn. (Food, Fitness, and Family)

Why You Should Wash Those Dirty Gym Clothes Immediately. Yikes! I usually let mine dry, then toss them in the hamper… but then they frequently sit there for a while. (Huffington Post)

Wearable technology is all the rage lately, but this particular one looks pretty awesome! I hate dealing with a cord when I’m working out, and I can’t listen to music at all when I’m lifting. (1 Voice)

Bombshell Aesthetics: The Most Attractive Female Body. (Bony to Bombshell)


Colorado is a bustling bastion for biking — and brewing. (New York Post)

Marriott Launches Healthy Vending Machine. (Hotel News Now)

Travel Habits of Americans: Almost Half Didn’t Take a Single Day Off This Summer. (Skift)

Related: Sky-High Summer Airfares Lead to Fall Tourism Boom. (Skift)

What Buying Airline Tickets Through Twitter Will Look Like. Cool! (Skift)

The Problem With Reclining Airplane Seat Design. Big debate about reclining seats lately; personally, I’m on the “don’t ever recline unless it’s a redeye” side, and usually wish my seat could tilt more upright than it does. (New York Times)

Dressing up for air travel: In defense of looking nice on a flight or train. Yes! (Slate)

Airplane Crew May Face Increased Melanoma Risk. I knew this but hate getting reminded of it, given how much I fly… (New York Times)


Fascinating: Edith Macefield and other holdouts who refuse to sell their homes to developers. (Slate)

One man willingly gave Google his data. I love that this emphasizes how much of a non-event this is, and points out how sharing your data can actually help you get what you need. (Radar)

 It Only Takes $10,400 to be Richer Than Most Millennials. Can’t believe how low that number is! (WSJ)

Finally, for a (cheesy) laugh: The 25 Best Two-Line Jokes Ever. (Tickld)

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