May 8, 2014

Two Minute Plank / Pushup Wakeup

I’ve been swamped lately, but still trying to prioritize time to work out. What I’m about to share doesn’t by any means count as a workout, but it is strengthening my core and chest. And since it’s only two minutes, there’s no excuse not to do it! I like to do it when I first wake up, as a cool down after a cardio workout, or sometimes right before bed. Even if I’m exhausted, two minutes goes by fast!

2 Minute Plank / Pushup Wakeup
Original image credit: Nick Royer

Get into a high plank position, and set a timer for two minutes. Every ten seconds, do a pushup – then hold your plank until the next ten second interval starts. Your core is still working the whole time, but you’ll get a good chest/full body workout by throwing in the pushups rather than making it a static hold. Simple and short!

To make this easier, try the HIIT Interval Training Timer for Android phones, or the Tabata Stopwatch for Windows phones. (Both are free apps.) Apple users, I have no experience with your OS, so perhaps you can share your fav interval app in the comments for other readers 🙂


2 thoughts on “Two Minute Plank / Pushup Wakeup”

    1. The good thing is, I actually found it easier to hold the plank for two minutes when I was just focused on making it ten more seconds till the next plank! It breaks it up a lot 🙂

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