January 10, 2013

Just keep swimming…

Yesterday was an exceptionally crappy day. I was very glad I did some yoga first thing in the morning, because last night the only plan I wanted to follow was getting together with some good friends and enjoying a bottle of wine. (I also briefly contemplated just going to bed immediately after work and shutting the world out, but am glad I went with the more social plan.)

When things start to suck, you don’t have to like pursuing your goals – but you do have to keep pursuing them. This morning, I had signed up for the 6am Flywheel class with those same friends – if they could get up and do it, I could get up and do it. Case closed.

Photo credit: BCMom

It’s day 10 of my January “work out every day” challenge, and I am still on track. So there’s that.


7 thoughts on “Just keep swimming…”

  1. Thatagirl! We all have days like that but you always find a way to make lemonade out those proverbial lemons! Great job on the early rising to fit in your workout! 🙂

  2. That’s exactly it. It reminds me of when, in Flywheel, they tell you “Now add 5 to the resistance. Don’t think about it; just do it!” Thinking about it can be our worst enemy!

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