December 29, 2012

Snowy Self-Indulgent Saturday

It’s a very snowy day in NYC!

I woke up much later than usual (9:30am!), which meant that I missed the free yoga class I was hoping to take at Athleta UWS. I just love the trend that so many athletic apparel stores here in NYC have gotten into of hosting free workouts! (And bummed that I have to miss the free Flywheel class sponsored by Lululemon tomorrow afternoon). These free workouts make it so convenient for people without a gym membership to still get our sweat on in a group setting, which I find extra-motivating.

Unfortunately, my late wakeup meant that after grabbing a cup of coffee with my best friend before he heads out for a ski trip, I was also just a bit too late to head for a run in Central Park with Beth. Instead, I got home from coffee/the library just in time for the snow to begin falling, which probably means I’m sticking home for the day and am totally on my own for a workout. I might pop in one of my big stack of exercise DVDs…

Or perhaps today is still a day to be lazy. Until this week, I haven’t had a lot of alone time for a while, and perhaps some time to reflect and get perspective is just what I need to start the new year right. This has been a quiet vacation so far, but I think the fact that I slept 11 hours last night shows that my body needs that kind of recovery. While I’m thrilled that I got off my butt yesterday and accomplished something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, I’m okay with going back to resting and relaxing instead of adhering to a to do list. Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself.

Photo credit: Sarah Ackerman

Tomorrow is my niece’s christening, and Monday and Tuesday I have some big workout plans to kick 2013 off – so I could use some extra energy! With all those things coming up, I’m deeming today a great day to curl up in bed, catch up on reading and 30 Rock, and get ready for the next chapter.

Happy Saturday 🙂


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