May 9, 2012

I’m a Greatist!

I am very proud and very excited today to announce… my first Greatist article was published today! The topic I picked for my article should come as no surprise: Why Alcohol is Good For You. When I saw that appear on the “content list” of potential topics, I knew I couldn’t resist – and I was shocked how much research I was able to find on the subject. (Then again, who doesn’t like being forced to drink in the name of science? I definitely know at least one willing tester!)

Before researching this article, I have to admit, I’ve always felt a little bit guilty when I chose a mixed drink while I’m out at a bar. Wine has always been touted as the healthy choice, and I know many health-conscious people who will only drink if wine is an option. Of course, as I pointed out in the article, that doesn’t mean there aren’t extra benefits in the grapes… but I was especially surprised to learn that the hops in beer (assuming you choose a hoppy non-wheat style) can have bone-strengthening benefits that wine does not. And of course, if you opt for a mixed drink, you’ll probably get a higher level of alcohol than either the wine or the beer. My conclusion: drink all three! 🙂

In all seriousness, I’ve been cutting back on the drinking a bit lately – not in any kind of dramatic “now I am not drinking” way, but just generally trying to pass on the alcohol unless I really need it. In my job, it’s all too easy to go out with coworkers every night of the week (or at least hit up the hotel bar before bed). However, since I’ve gotten into a pretty dedicated workout routine, I’ve found that acts as a pretty good deterrent – it’s just not fun to lift weights after drinking. (Now, running on the other hand… stay tuned for my New Jersey Marathon race report.) Using my workout as motivation not to drink is a double whammy: not only am I drinking a little less (despite the overall tenor of that article, the key is in the ending: alcohol is only good for you in moderation), but I’m also working out more. Win win!

Of course, I’m still hitting the town in NYC with my friends on weekends – but all things in moderation. (Except for the boozy charity scavenger hunt I’m doing this Saturday… that will probably not be a very “moderate” event.) I’ve found that while alcohol plays a big role in the evening social scene in New York, it’s not nearly as important to my work dinners during the week, and I don’t usually miss it if I skip the drinks here. Of course this is all project-specific – I’ve definitely been on projects where drinking was necessary to fit in with the team – but at least while I’m on this project in Dallas, it’s working for me to (mostly) abstain.

Now, if only I could get scientific backup for an article on how giant portions and Tex-Mex food help you lose weight…


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