March 23, 2012

What do YOU do with 11 extra minutes?

Today has been pretty busy, but also pretty exciting. After a long day of travel home from Dallas last night (I can’t wait to be able to take nonstops instead of connecting itineraries next week!), I got to sleep in until 7:45am – 8.5 hours of sleep never felt so good! This week has been a bit light on sleep for me, but I am definitely going to use the weekend to make it up.

When I did get up, I headed downtown for a meeting that yielded some great news. I made it through the interview process and am going to be a contributing writer for my favorite health & fitness website, Greatist! I am so thrilled and honored to be a part of the Greatist team – I have admired this site for so long and can’t believe that I actually get to work with these writers whom I respect so much. I can’t put into words how much I’m looking forward to learning a lot about health & fitness, even more about writing and researching, and working toward such a wonderful goal of helping people to be their best selves. Just know that I have been squealing like a little girl (out loud, yes) all day. It’s a good thing I’m working from home! Between this and getting my coaching certification in May, it’s looking like 2012 is the year I get really serious about health & fitness – which will hopefully translate into even more tips and advice for you 🙂

Following my Greatist meeting, it was back uptown for a busy day of meetings and other consulting work (fortunately, from home). It wasn’t until 2pm that I even looked at the clock and noticed it was lunchtime – I definitely don’t pay attention to hunger when I’m busy, and today was one of those days. Since I wasn’t super hungry and I didn’t have a lot of time, I decided to make a recipe that’s intrigued me and been on my list to try for a while: Paleo Oatmeal. I mostly followed Tina’s instructions to the letter, except I cut the walnuts and used a teaspoon of almond butter and a few chocolate chips instead of the peanut butter. I actually liked it even more than Tina herself seemed to – now I just need to get my hands on a jar of Nutella to make it even better!

After my 10 minute meal, it was back to work – and the afternoon definitely started slipping away in a sea of emails and conference calls. Where does the time go? I had optimistically been wearing my yoga pants and Switchback Tank (which is my favorite Athleta product so far – it’s super slimming and makes me look incredibly buff!) all day in hopes of getting to the gym. But when 3:30pm struck and I still had mountains of work to do, I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. What to do?!

Luckily, that’s where Daily Burn came in. I haven’t been doing their workouts daily, preferring to mix it up with my standard weight lifting routine as well as some time on the elliptical (so I can kill two birds with one stone and watch my favorite shows while I work out). However, I tried their videos a few days this week and was pretty pleased – the Tabata Transformation video was fun and sweaty but not crazy intense, and the Superhero Kickboxing was short and sweet but a lot of fun – I definitely want to give kickboxing more of a try. Today, I chose the quick (11 minute) Bikini Butt workout with the peppy Anja Garcia. Butt was probably not what I needed to work on today, since my glutes are still really sore from a killer round of deadlifts on Wednesday night (3 sets of 10 reps at 90 pounds!), but I was just excited to get pretty darn sweaty in only 11 minutes. Every little bit counts!

Now – shower time and then back to work. And hopefully this weekend I’ll have some time to finally get my Rock N Roll USA Marathon report completed – I have a lot to say (not all of it positive), so I’m taking my time to make sure I word it all properly.

Happy Friday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “What do YOU do with 11 extra minutes?”

  1. congrats! I’ll have to check out Greatist and look for you! Also looking forward to your DC Rock n Roll report – I was there too and interested to compare notes!

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