June 29, 2011

Insanity: Complete!

Last week was my final week of a major work project, and I ended up working crazy hours and totally slacking on workouts – basically only did one the whole week! What a bummer. On Monday, I was debating whether to “make up” the last week or just take my Fit Test and be done, but I ultimately decided to just do the latter. I have a bunch of other workouts (hiking, half marathon, etc) planned this week, and I’d rather just be done with not-as-great results than have to stress about doubling up on workouts a lot (which I tried to do last week and failed miserably).

So! Without further ado, my final Fit Test results (which I am WAY proud of). I even beat Tania AND Chris (the fitness models in the videos) on some of them!!!

Switchkicks: 47.5/71; 1.5x improvement
Power Jacks: 40/72; 1.8x improvement
Power Knees: 87/119; 1.4x improvement
Power Jumps: 30/38; 1.3x improvement
Globe Jumps: 9/16; 1.8x improvement
Suicide Jumps: 12/24; 2x improvement
Pushup Jacks: 17/25; 1.5x improvement
Low Plank Oblique: 58/100; 1.7x improvement

I’m disappointed in myself for not doing better on the power jumps, but I am so, so, SO proud of my improvement on suicides, where I DOUBLED what I did the first time! And my other results are not too shabby either 🙂

I’m not quite brave enough to post my before and after pics, namely because my “before” shot is really a horrendous picture of me in a bikini after the Reggae Marathon. It appalled me so much that it was inspiration to lose weight 🙂 As for my after picture, I don’t know that it really makes sense to post an “after” picture of me in a bikini when I never showed the before, so let’s just skip that too (can you tell that I am still scared of bikini pics?). However, I’ll give you the descriptive version instead (isn’t that what blogs are for?):

Overall, I lost 6 pounds – certainly not Biggest Loser levels, but then, I didn’t have Biggest Loser amounts of weight to lose either. I’m really proud that I stopped the seemingly endless rise of my weight, though, and while I’m still not at all at a weight I’m happy with (my pants are still tight!), I do look better, and I think it’s just a matter of time to burn off more. I can definitely see the difference in my arms and in my abs, which is a huge non-scale victory (and that’s really what counts). My arms have a definite shape to them, even I’m not flexing them, and my upper abs have a few “cut” marks in them (like an indentation right down the middle that’s there all the time, and two smaller lines on either side that appear when I bend or otherwise flex my abs). On the not-so-great side, I still have some extra weight in my lower tummy/hips/thighs (goal is to drop 10 more pounds)… but I am excited to see what my abs look like under that fat, because I think they’re going to look great 🙂

But in other non-scale victories, I am just SO much stronger than I used to be. Where I used to struggle to do a few pushups from my knees, I can now bang out sets of full plank pushups without a problem. That right there is something I never thought I’d be able to do!

In my opinion, the Insanity program is fabulous for getting definition and building strength, but not so helpful with weight loss. From my experience, I think it’s really the diet that helps you achieve weight loss (and I couldn’t really follow the Insanity diet with all the business meals/travel I do). Going forward, I’m going to work a LOT on my diet and get used to saying no to meals/drinks/etc… hopefully that will start to give me the body I want (aka Tania’s).

My biggest complaint about Insanity is that it’s so intense, it makes it hard to do other active things without being totally wiped out. On weekends, I like to do a lot of workouts and other active things with friends (e.g., hikes, pilates classes, and just generally traipsing around NYC). I think I’m going to mix some month 1 Insanity into my weeks (especially when I’m traveling), but not stress about getting to month 2 stuff, when the workouts were just so long (60 minutes compared to 30!) that I had a lot of trouble fitting them into my schedule.

But overall? As Borat would say: GREAT SUCCESS.


11 thoughts on “Insanity: Complete!”

  1. I have the full Insanity disc set sitting in my DVD cabinet right now…I plan on starting the program once my tendon/muscle issues are rehabbed. I’m glad you liked it, because that gives me hope!

  2. I’m going to continue posting about it in the next few days – while it’s not a program that I find sustainable with my lifestyle, it’s inspired me a LOT!

  3. Nice job!!!! You’ve inspired me to stick more closely to the P90X diet. (I need to forget about the two cooking I ate for breakfast and move on…)

  4. Amy – I know this is not at ALL how you meant it, but I giggled when I read your comment. “Oh geez, I’d better stick to the diet or I’ll end up with results like Laura’s!” 🙂

    In all seriousness, I really think it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise. Will be doing a post about this sometime soon and how it’s changed my perspective.

  5. as your Beachbody coach I am thrilled with your progress through this workout! You took this workout program with a heavy work load and crushed it!
    Great Job!

  6. I am almost done with the recovery week..getting a little nervous about month two!

    I haven’t seen much weight loss either, but I haven’t really been watching either. Like you, I have definitely seen a change in my body which just sorta happened overnight. Mostly in my arms and core too (love handles are shrinking!)

    I am nervous for month two, but excited too! I do love it!

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