May 19, 2011

Oh what a day

Monday was crazy busy again – maybe not quite as bad as last week, but still swamped. To make things worse, on Sunday night I started coming down with a sore throat. It’s been getting progressively worse as the week goes on, until today my boss made the decision to send me home and have me work from there. I’m hoping the pace of work will be a little slower if I’m lying in bed working instead of having to present to some pretty senior clients… but we shall see. Perhaps I can feign laryngitis so that I don’t have to present on conference calls, and can communicate only via email? My voice is disappearing fast enough that it’s totally plausible! šŸ™‚ Kidding. I would definitely trade having to speak on calls for a chance to get rid of the burning in my throat – despite chugging Throat Coat and regular tea with honey all week, it’s still on fire.

In good news, it’s not really a terrible time for me to get sick. On the workout front, I’m in my “recovery week” for Insanity, where you just do the same “Cardio Core & Balance” every day, and it’s not that intense at all. Instead of flinging sweat around the room while I work out and requiring a towel both during and after the workout to wipe myself down, I’m building up a light sheen of perspiration that just takes a little dabbing to eliminate. I am getting scared about next week’s switch to the “Max” level of workouts for the second month of the program, but I’ve also heard a lot of good things about all the changes in your body that happen in that phase.

Being back to traveling has really hindered my diet, and I totally miss the at-home schedule of eating small meals every 3-4 hours instead of big meals every 6-8 hours (the stretch between lunch and dinner is endless when I get stuck at the office late!). I am really looking forward to having a few days back at home to do the small and frequent meals, and next week when I head back to Dallas, I’m going to pack more protein bars and fruit and such so I can munch away all day – appearances be damned. However, I’ve been keeping up with the workouts fairly well despite my grueling schedule, missing only one last week and one this week (that is more due to being sick than my workload). I am feeling pretty good about being able to keep up the workout routine even as this second month gets tough.

As far as my transformation, I’d say it’s not quite a “transformation” at this point, but I do see definite progress. I haven’t lost much weight (I blame that on the poor diet), but I can see a lot of definition around my upper stomach – you know, the part that isn’t covered up by belly fat šŸ˜› I am hopeful and even a little bit confident that underneath my lump of belly fat below is a beautiful six pack, since I can feel the firmness when I arch my back and press at my tummy, but the only way to really find out for sure is stay slow and steady with the weight loss until the extra fat is gone. As I’ve posted about before, though, my last fit test showed a lot of improvement, and the workouts seem to be getting easier, so I’m hoping that the next fit test I do (scheduled for Monday!) is going to show even better results. I’ll be an Insanity graduate yet!

For now, though, the most important thing for me is to decrease the stress of my workload, and increase the amount of sleep I’m getting. Even more than diet, I think those have really been hindering my success, and I need to actively start working on fixing them.

What’s been holding you back lately?


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