April 9, 2011

Skiing with the CEO!

After my not-so-great experience skiing in Chamonix, I was worried that maybe I had just become a sucky skier. After today in Park City, I can say that it is not so!

My coworkers and I got a bit of a late start to the day, after having a few pints at the No Name Bar on Main Street the night before. When we finally got our rentals, got our lift tickets, and got up the lift, we were so pumped and ready to go! The most senior coworkers (including our CEO!) headed off in a group for the advanced slopes, and our junior coworker group of 4 split up – two went to the intermediate/advanced slopes, and my coworker Kieran and I headed for the beginner trail. As you know, I always make it a point to hit up the beginner trail first to get my legs acclimated, even if I’m planning to ski intermediate/advanced trails all day. While the trail was definitely easy, it was super enjoyable to not be stressed or scared – I loved skiing something easier so that I could feel confident!

After a few runs, Kieran split off to have one of her boots adjusted, and I did one intermediate run before heading up to meet the group at the lodge for lunch. The one thing I could not get over was how powdery everything was! It was such a change from the icy conditions I’m used to on the East Coast. However, while most people talk about how amazing it is to ski in powder, I actually think it has its ups and downs. Namely, it can be hard to have really solid control when you are going through a drift, your skis are weighted down, and you can’t turn out of it. It didn’t really become problematic, but I felt like I was challenged on some easier slopes as a result, just because it was so different.

We reconvened as a big group for lunch at the lodge, and then the senior coworkers (who were also much more advanced) said they wanted to ski with us, so we headed for some intermediate trails. They remarked that I was actually quite a good skier – which was news to me. I guess I just needed to be pushed and then I would do better than I thought 🙂 It was so neat to go skiing with the CEO and chat with him on the chairlifts – what an incredible opportunity! I was surprised more junior people hadn’t accepted the invitation to join.

While it had been cloudy all day, in the afternoon, the clouds really moved in… as did the fog. Check out this photo of my coworker Kieran, standing about 20 feet away from me. There is a sign about 8 feet behind her that you can’t even see due to the whiteout-like conditions!

Now, after a shower, it’s time to head off for a group dinner… at a whiskey distillery! I’m sure there will be more shenanigans to report tomorrow 🙂 Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Skiing with the CEO!”

  1. Utah (Park City) has been the home of some of my best skiing days on record. Definitely my best powder days!

    I know the No Name Bar! From No Name did you take the “town lift” up to the mountain? If I were to recommend one run that would be Pay Day. One lift would have to be either Mother (Silver?) Lode or Three Kings (?).

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