March 8, 2011

International Supahstah!

This weekend, I got some pretty exciting news. In a few weeks, I am going to Warsaw with my Dad to visit my family there, and they are extremely proud of my marathon accomplishments. Turns out, my Dad’s best friend in Warsaw is very well-connected, and mentioned it to one of his friends, who is a journalist. Next thing I heard, the Polish affiliate of NBC (like, the one that airs nationwide in Poland) wants to do a story on me and my visit to Poland!

At first I was psyched, but then I started to worry. My Polish is not so great, so unless they are able to do the interview in English and then translate it, the content will pretty much consist of me counting to ten, naming some colors, and then swearing a lot. Oh, and asking for ice cream, since that is one of the few full sentences I have learned in Polish. (I suppose the ice cream will fit into my marathon story, since it’s how I got motivated for my first race, but perhaps I should learn to count to 26 instead of just 10). I still haven’t heard anything back on the language of the interview, but at the very least, my Dad could be there to interpret.

With that worry aside, I stopped thinking too much about it, until my dad forwarded an email from his friend this morning. The translation using Google Translate was as follows:

I got fork on the track on Saturday April 2 at 10.00 (before noon). Special bikes will be the so-called wheel and a sharp instructor just for us. Then the guys from Laura will go to the capital and eat lunch there. It will be interesting!

Seeking clarification from that rusty translation and overwhelming picture, I asked my Dad what was going on, and learned the following:

Witek has organized for you a bike ride, special one, on a world championship course, with a trainer. It’s a curved course on a wooden track.

No mention of the interview at all, but Witek is the same friend who set that up, so now I’m wondering… is my interview going to take place during this bike ride on the curved course in the picture he sent? Because even better than my incoherent interview will be national television coverage of me falling on my butt when I try to ride around a banked indoor track on a special bike… 😛


7 thoughts on “International Supahstah!”

  1. You’ll be great! Congrats on the trip and the interview! I don’t know any Polish either so can’t help you out there but I do know how to say Smurf in about 10 different languages. Very handy.

  2. Don’t worry about it– I doubt that the Polish broadcaster will expect a girl who grew up in America to speak perfect (or any!) Polish. It sounds like it’ll be an awesome experience!

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