December 30, 2010

Today, I gave.

First, I gave it my best at the gym this morning, rocking out Rachel Cosgrove’s Base Phase B workout (I feel stronger already!) and getting my day off to a great start. I ate healthy all day and got a lot of errands done.

But most of all, I gave 1 foot of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs for women with cancer.

See my sad ponytail, all shorn from my head?

I’ve done this a few times in the past, and every time I’ve cried. This time, I managed not to cry – in fact, I was somewhat pleased with the results. My hair had become far too long lately, and I had been planning to donate for a while but couldn’t get the nerve up to do it.

But now that it’s done… I kind of miss it. I got home and tried styling my hair a few different ways. I had asked the stylist to stick with mostly a blunt cut, with just a bit of angling. It’s important that I look totally professional for work, so I didn’t want to end up with anything kooky. Unfortunately, I think we went a bit too far in the other direction – my hair is so staid and conservative that I feel like I need to wear my pearls all day every day just to fit in with the look. I took three pictures, trying to figure out what would make it look more casual and perhaps appropriate to go out to a bar with friends – but I basically look like a diplomat’s wife in all of them.

Tips? What on earth am I going to do to look fun for New Year’s parties?

In good news, it’s long enough to stick it in a ponytail and go to the gym!


18 thoughts on “Today, I gave.”

  1. hey it looks great!
    and what a noble thing to do. my father is losing his hair as we speak due to chemo so it makes me happy when people are helping.

  2. Wow you had a lot of hair! I didn’t realize it was so long!! I gave hair to locks of love when I was in high school and my hair was cut to my chin and was really short. I couldn’t even put it in a pony tail! At least yours is a decent length still!

  3. I donated 18 inches of my hair to Wigs for Kids years ago. Since then I haven’t let my hair get much past my shoulders. It’s too unruly to look good when it’s really long. I wish I had straight hair like yours…

    I like the headband look. I’m sure there are TONS of snazzy headbands out there that would look great for special occasions.

  4. The bottom picture of your new cut looks fantastic! Get a sparkly headband if you want to be dressy, but in general, your hair cut is so flattering you could do whatever you wanted with it and look great going out tomorrow night.

  5. Hey Laura! Got your question! If you google schwinn airdyne bikes you will see what kind of bike I ride in my parents basement. I do not increase the resistance at all, just pedal. I don’t usually get too out of breath but my heart rate does increase and I do sweat. I usually do just an easy ride or I do intervals (1min fast, 1 min easy) and it proves to be a good workout. I use it when I can’t run and still want to workout. I don’t use the recumbent bikes at the gym but I do go to spin class and that always gives me a great workout!

  6. I’ve always wanted to do that, but never have the patience to grow it out that long. It is pretty long now, so I might finally do it!

    I think your hair is cute. I think you can change it up by blowing it dry with a bit more volume. Maybe try parting it way over on the side and using a cool clip. For New Year’s you could do something dramatic, like a feather or something. A cool braid or up-do would be nice for New Year’s too.

  7. I am so glad you found me because I am LOVING your blog. You are adorable and I LOVE your hair. I have to have my hair long enough for a pony tail at all times because it is in one 99% of the time. Yay for new blog friends.

  8. Ah, thanks for commenting on my blog (I feel like I just ran into a celebrity!) & for leading me to The Boring Runner’s 1-mile race. I am totally with you in thinking that long distances are easier. Back to the daily grind & no more speed work for a while! I was more sore after that 6-minute mile than I was after some of my fastest long races!

    p/s: Your second style is my fave, but I think you can pull off all the looks! 🙂

  9. I liked style number two! Though I agree with Chloe’s comment and I think you could definitely rock a bump and look really cute. I feel like number three is cute, but looks too formal and proper for something like a night out on the town.

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