September 22, 2009

Food Review: Yoplait Fiber One Peach Yogurt

A few months ago, I signed up for General Mills’ Psst program, which gives me free samples of some of their new products. So far, I’ve gotten two things, both under the Fiber One label; the first was Today, I redeemed the coupon they sent me for a sample of Yoplait Fiber One Nonfat Yogurt. While you may remember that I used to post food reviews over at I Ate A Pie, Tanya is currently backlogged with reviews and is no longer accepting submissions. Instead, you can all read the review right here 🙂

First of all, Hungry Girl has been touting this for month’s. In her latest newsletter, she says, “We tasted the latest version of this yogurt before it hit shelves and loved it SO much, we gave it our stamp of approval — especially since they squeezed a few extra calories out of the mix (and some real fruit pieces INTO the mix). How did they do it!?”. Well, I’ll tell you how they did it: he size of each cup is extremely tiny – only 4 oz instead of the usual 8 – AND that there’s asparatame used to keep down the sugar calories. Yuck! HG never cares about fake sugars, but there have been so many studies denouncing them that I won’t touch them. Besides, they just make everything taste really off. Regular sugar is only 20 calories per teaspoon, and as I’ve learned from my morning coffee, a teaspoon of sugar goes a long way. If manufacturers would just learn that we don’t need our food to be candy sweet, I’d be much happier with a few extra calories of real sugar.

Anyway, despite the aspartame, I figured I had a free pack of this so I might as well try it. A serving or two of aspartame wouldn’t kill me. I opened the package to find a bright orange yogurt staring back at me (yellow dye #5 much? Yes indeed!), and I dove in. The first spoonful confirmed my worst suspicions: this was disgustingly sweet, so much that I was immediately reaching for my water bottle because it made me so thirsty. In addition, the peach flavor was not natural at all. It reminded me of eating orange Jello (flavor-wise, not consistency-wise) just because it was so totally artificial.

I finished the cup in about 6 spoons, and despite the fact that these are supposed to be fiber-filled, I wasn’t full. For just 50 calories, this packs in 5 grams of fiber (20% of RDV), which is pretty good… but if I ate two medium peaches, I’d consume 80 calories, get 4 grams of fiber, and be a lot more satisfied and have saved a buck ($2.50 for 8 peaches vs $3.99 for 4 cups of yogurt). I’ll stick to Mother Nature’s cheap version instead of Fiber One’s expensive artificial crap.

Taste: 2 stars
Nutrition: 2 stars
Price: 1 star
Overall: 1.5 stars


17 thoughts on “Food Review: Yoplait Fiber One Peach Yogurt”

  1. I also was not a fan of this yogurt at all – and I like sweet things! I am trying to cut down on artificial sweeteners too. (still use 1 Equal in my coffee and the occasional Crystal Light packet!)

    I’m not sure if all flavors do, but the one I tried (strawberry?) also had high fructose corn syrup in addition to aspartame!

    I used to read Hungry Girl religiously, but after trying some of her recipes (made the worst pumpkin cheesecake EVER!) and seeing how everything she endorses is so artificial, I’m no longer a fan.

  2. You’ve just nailed the #1 reason why I won’t buy prepackaged food that’s been artificially sweetened: it tastes like crap to me.

    And the prepackaged food that’s not artificially sweetened has so much damn sugar in it, it tastes almost as bad. If I want a candy bar, I’ll just buy a Snickers out of the vending machine. The sugar delivery system is much more up front, it’s not making any claims to health (and tastier because it’s chocolate).

    Moral of the story: avoid prepackaged food (especially stuff that claims to be “healthy”)…which I do, almost to extremes.

    My only beef with the Weight Watchers program is their emphasis on buying prepackaged foods which contain lots of artificial sweeteners, or using Splenda in recipes instead of real sugar, or many other “substitutions” which I think taste terrible and really aren’t that good for you (example: I think fake butter spreads and sprays– another WW fave– taste terrible and if I want to put real butter on my toast, I’m gonna use real damn butter; it’s not like I’m eating half a stick at a time). I think Splenda tastes like ass and that’s the default WW sweetener for everything. I’ve seen “healthy” WW recipes which call for a frigging CUP of Splenda! WTF?!?!?! Anything made with that much Splenda would make me gag. I eat so little refined sugar on a daily basis that occasionally having something with real honest to goodness SUGAR in it is NOT going to be a big deal. Such as the chocolate beet cake I made the other day. 2 sticks of REAL BUTTER (OMG!) and 1 1/2 cups of brown SUGAR. And it tastes FUCKING AWESOME, but I only eat one small piece at a time.

    My favorite way to get both fiber and a bit of natural sweetness at breakfast is to top my plain nonfat yogurt with some fresh blueberries and a handful of Fiber One cereal. This is what I eat for breakfast almost every day and it leaves me very satisfied. Plain yogurt mixed with fresh whole fruit I add myself is tastier and healthier than yogurt with the fruit already added.

    Of course I’m still rocking the kale-banana smoothies (which I learned about from you) every day. I have a glass of that at home and eat my yogurt at work.

  3. I’m not a fan of this yogurt either. I hate when yogurt is so super sweet like that. And the 5 or 6 spoonfulls that is a serving is not enough to fill me up!

  4. Hmmm, thanks for the head’s up! Sorry to say it though, I like splenda, but still, this yogurt sounds like a waste of calories when the real thing is better for you and tastes better. 🙂

  5. i agree. I’m all about natural yogurt (i love nancy’s maple or blueberry flavors). AND I too am terrified about chemical sugar (aspartame, splenda, etc). It just doesn’t make sense. If something sounds TOO GOOD to be true then IT IS. THere have to be negative after affects on the body of eating all this fake junk. Just say no to fake sugar people. Ok, getting off my soap box for today. 🙂

  6. I totally agree! I tried the Fiber One yogurt, and I could not take one more bite. It tasted so artificial and sweet. I also feel ill after I eat Fiber One bars….What is with all the processed foods on the market claiming to be “healthy” – it is giving such confused messages to consumers.

  7. For the record, I’m a big fan of the Oats and Caramel bars. They have plenty of chemicals but no artificial sweetener 🙂

    Carla, if you (or anyone else) are interested, I also got a ton of coupons for $1.35 off the yogurt… drop me an e-mail at absolutromantic at gmail and I’m happy to mail them your way!

  8. I blogged about Yoplait Fiber One too – I’m extremely sensitive to sugar,so I thought I’d be OK with this. Key Lime flavor. I was eating two a day and started getting sick. I did some research and found the mega-sweeteners they use in that stuff can really be toxic. I’ll never touch it again.

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