March 30, 2009

I’m back!

While my official start date for orientation is Wednesday, they have me flying down tomorrow morning, so today is my last day of freedom. I’m not sure if my early flight means there are going to be activities tomorrow (at my old firm, we had social events at training, but there were about 150 analysts starting at the same time there – this is a bit different). In any case, in the spirit of learning from my mistakes, I thought it would be to reflect on what I did and did not accomplish while I was unemployed.

On the negative side:
-I did not keep up with my workouts. In fact, really the only time I ran since the Mardi Gras Marathon was a pretty weak two miles a few weeks ago, and five miles this past Saturday. The Country Music Marathon is less than a month away, so that should be interesting.
-I did not do my laundry. Nope, not even once. Maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t really sweating much…
-I started eating out a ton more instead of cooking. True, I discovered some great new restaurants, but I also spent a lot of money and got a lot more out of shape. Expect some of my healthy meal posts coming up!
-I did not keep up with my blog. I kept trying to think of things to post, and it was pretty much just same old, same old: “I’m waiting for my job to start. I’m being pretty lazy and not doing too much in the meantime. I have no running or health or fitness related stuff to report. Oooh, it’s Judge Judy time – gotta run!” I didn’t want to keep posting that over and over, so I just didn’t post at all. Of course, the not posting made me feel really guilty and terrible for abandoning all of you (especially when you were all commenting and texting and facebooking me to ask where I was), so then I felt like when I did post, it had to be something really good (yeah, I realize this post doesn’t count). Let’s just write that off as a failure and jump back into things, shall we?
-I did not catch up on my Google Reader. Today I went to try to remedy that, and I found that Google Reader had marked as read all posts before March 1, so I don’t even know where I left off with a lot of blogs. I’m going to try to go back and catch up, but it may be that I just start from March 1 and go forward. If you did something significant in February, feel free to let me know that your blog is more important than anyone else’s and that I should go back and read it.

On the positive side:
-Despite rarely working out, I got a lot stronger (apparently by sitting around). On the dip machine this morning, I was able to do level 7 (about 40 pounds of assistance). How did I do that? I have no idea.
-I got caught up on all my TV shows: America’s Next Top Model, Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, Private Practice, Grey’s, Biggest Loser, The Office, One Tree Hill, House, Desperate Housewives, Privileged, Hell’s Kitchen, Rachael Ray, 60 Minutes, CBS News Sunday Morning, and Top Chef. (Wow, that list is pretty pathetic. Please note that I will be trimming it now that I’m back to work. Then again, the mass amount of TV I watch is how I motivate to go to the gym and watch on the elliptical, so maybe I’ll keep watching)
-I read a ton of books: fiction, autobiographies, diet/exercise, finance, computer programming… really a lot. I want to try to keep up the reading even when I start working again, which should be easy now that I’m working in Queens instead of in the financial district. When Boyfriend and I ride the subway together, we just chat, so now that I’ll be riding all by myself, it means more time to read.
-I also joined six different book groups. Sounds like a lot, but actually I wish I had found more book groups I liked – I’m a really fast reader. How did I find these book clubs? Well, that brings me to…
-I discovered and fell in love with Through that and other sources, started finding cool things to do in NYC. I am the worst about just getting into my routine and not taking advantage of all the cool things the city has to offer, but now I’ve started finding out about some cool stuff and actually going to it! My favorite events so far were going to a free taping of America’s Got Talent (had never seen the show before, but the acts were actually pretty talented), and going to Nerd Nite in Brooklyn (believe it or not, it was my second time in Brooklyn, having only been once before for the Brooklyn Half Marathon).
-And finally, to go with the health and fitness theme of this blog, I’ll add that I’ve lost weight. Yes, by eating take out, avoiding exercise, and generally spending my days lying around watching TV, I somehow lost weight. I would say it’s muscle, but since I seem to have gotten stronger, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Odd.

So there you have it. Two months of boring posts summed up in one. Thrilling, no?


25 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. hehe. I am sooooo glad to see you back!!

    I fell off the blogging band wagon about a week ago, and today, I managed to read through over 200, (and post comments to a ton) which was a bit overwhelming!

    We missed you, and I hope you’ll be making the reading/commenting/awesomeness rounds again sometime soon.

    Congrats on the new job! rock it, girl!

  2. Welcome back! I totally missed your blog! Isn’t it weird how you can lose weight without even trying, but when you DO try: nothing! Anyways, so glad you’re back and good luck with the beginning of your new job πŸ™‚

  3. Having the job starting will put you back on a schedule that will prob prompt you to post more on your blog about life and what’s going on at work or with running/cooking/meetup. Good luck at training!

  4. Even though I pretty much just started reading your blog, I am very glad that you’re back πŸ™‚ I also checked out, and it is pretty interesting!! I’ve always wanted to be in a book club, but noone around me seems to have the time/interest to do so…

  5. At one point, I belonged to a ton of book clubs on Meetup. But then I got sick of reading all of their books and wanted to read my own. So I haven’t gone in months. Bad bad me.

  6. Welcome back! I was wondering where you were…

    As for feeling strong – your muscles had a nice long break so it will feel easier. Every time I take a break from strength training or running, and then start again, I feel a lot stronger. But then by work out 3 or 4, I feel like i’m dying. Not to discourage you though!

    I also lose weight when I don’t work out. It’s weird. When I start working out again, bam, instant 2.5 lb weight gain. I don’t get it.

    Report back with your orientation experience!

  7. Congratulations, but did I miss the part where you told us you got a new job? I remember you writing about something in the airline industry. Pray tell!

  8. Welcome back and good luck with starting the new job! BTW – You’re going to love the Country Music. It’s hilly, but Nashville rocks (though I might be biased).

  9. You’ve been missed! It seems to me that you’ve been pretty busy…so good luck with the new job and with the Country Music marathon πŸ™‚

  10. Good luck in your new job. I cwish I had your genes though – when I don’t work out, the pounds pile on … maybe my addiction to chips has something to do with it though :0)

  11. Heyooooo! So, let me get this straight…. You didn’t do laundry EVER???? EVER!?!?!?!? Impressive. You must teach me your ways. If you tell me that it involves turning various clothes inside out I’m game.

    Also, that is incredible that you were able to loose weight! I’m amazed. Keep us posted on the new job.

  12. Glad you’re back…we missed you! Sometimes you need hours of doing nothing but reading and enjoying your life:) Good luck with your new job.

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