February 6, 2009

Latest report from laid off land

Surprisingly, I posted more when I was working than now that I’m unemployed πŸ™‚ I really don’t fit the stereotype of someone who’s unemployed. I haven’t gone out drinking, and I actually haven’t even really cried (well, I cried the day before when I figured out it was going to happen, but not since I got the news). I did watch The Price is Right today (it is so weird to see Drew Carey as the host!), but I watched while researching positions and headhunting firms.

I’ve been losing weight, but haven’t worked out at all since my marathon on Sunday (surprised you with that one, huh? I know I didn’t talk about it much on the blog, but I ran the Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans on Sunday, and will try to get a race report and pictures together soon). Anyway, most of this week I just haven’t been eating much because I’m either depressed or super busy with the job hunt. Six pounds lost since Monday – I ought to go on some kind of hybrid of The Apprentice and The Biggest Loser, huh πŸ™‚

On the job front, I’ve already written my resume and gotten it out to a few headhunters, who all seemed pretty excited to get me as a candidate. So it would seem that I’m marketable! Fantastic. I met with one of them in person, and the other one I’ve done some pre-screening phone interviews for a strategy analyst position with a really terrific consumer products company. The work seems pretty awesome, the hours are about 2/3 of what I was working before, and the salary is about 1/3 higher! The only downside is that it’s in Rhode Island. Not that I don’t like Rhode Island (it’s beautiful), but as Vanilla pointed out, I need to consider what sort of marathon opportunities are nearby πŸ™‚ On the plus side, JetBlue flies out of Boston with some cheap flights…

In all seriousness, I’m just not sure I want to leave NYC. I’m a bit frustrated, as I was planning to leave the city in another year or two and move to a smaller city or a big city where most people live in the suburbs. But right now, all my friends are here, and I’m not quite ready to transition to suburban life. Okay, people tell me, so just stay in New York for now. The problem is, I don’t want to take a job in the city for two years only to job search again and leave. Barring any more stupid economic crises, I would hope that whatever job I take next is one at which I can work for a long time.

The next dilemma is whether to go into something finance-y or strategy/marketing/touchy-feely. Right now my experience has set me up to do either, but I’m concerned that once I get another job under my belt that goes in one of those directions, it’s going to be hard to switch to the other. It’s a unique crossroads to be at, since both options are appealing to me. I’m also considering something middle-office like investor relations for a hedge fund, which would give me a bit of each. I’ve seen some postings for IR jobs, and it seems to fit my background really perfectly and be exactly what I want to do, but I don’t know a lot about it and I want to learn more before applying and sounding like an idiot in interviews πŸ™‚

Anyone else have thoughts?


21 thoughts on “Latest report from laid off land”

  1. You’re young enough at this point that deciding you want to go in a new direction in a couple of years shouldn’t be a big problem for you. My advice? Apply for all the jobs that interest you, and decide based on the interviews – which companies seem the best working environment! I just switched career paths (well, about 9 months ago) from non-profit to something WAAY more finance-y, and I am AGES older than you (or you know, maybe 5 years or something, not sure how old you actually are….) – if you can find a job now that seems exciting & interesting, go for it!

  2. I think it sounds like you’re staying pretty positive about things and that’s great! It would suck if you had to move, but I think you’ll know in your gut if you’re making the right decision or not. Keep trying to stay positive, I think that’s the most important part!

  3. GO RHODE ISLAND! Born and bred as a Rhode Islander, I can speak to the pluses and minuses of my homestate. I won’t go into on here but feel free to email me if you get near considering the position and really want some feedback… you can find my email in my profile. I’m curious to know what company but I could probably guess in 3 shots. πŸ™‚ I too am on the hunt and it royally sucks but… its sort of fun to think about what exactly you want to pursue.

  4. I don’t think it’s suprising that you posted more when you were employed. I do most of my posting from work… Vanilla gets pink-slipped in 3… 2… 1…

  5. I work for one of the world’s best consumer goods company based in Cincinnati and I would definitely suggest the “softer” side especially if you can still do strategy! It’s great!!

  6. sounds like you have some really good options!! i say go for all the interviews and see which place you like best. if you end up not liking the industry you can always switch again… it happens alll the time πŸ™‚ good luck!

    and cant wait to hear about the marathon!!

  7. I remember looking for a job about 6 years ago and deciding that I wouldn’t take just anything, I wanted a job that really suited me. So I sat down and figured out what I was reallllly good at.. planning, organizing and logical thinking. After finally doing that I got the next job I interviewed for because it was a job that really met those needs.

  8. I’m thinking you have the opportunity to find something you really love now. Just get your resume out there and see what comes back. Good luck girlie.

    Jealous of the weight loss. I’m afraid to get on the scale.

  9. If you’re thinking of IR let me know and I’ll hook you up with a pal who did this at RBS for a while; she can give you the 411. Finance is always a solid skill to have but you could end up being pidgeon holed the strategy is a tigh sell as it can be a bit wooly

    But you in fine company I got 86d this week too!

  10. Wow, I’m totally behind! First, I’m so sorry! I thought I was going to get laid off yesterday…luckily, I’m “safe” until at least June 30th.

    As for job applications…I think if it’s something that interests you, you should apply. Even if the city is less than desirable, at least you’ll be in the working world still gaining valuable experience so when the economy picks back up you’ll be able to move somewhere new.

    Also, some cities might surprise you. I thought I wouldn’t like Boston, being from the west coast I really wasn’t sure. But there were sooo many awesome things about that city and it is an experience I’ll never regret or forget.

    Our generation is predicted to change career paths many more times than our parents. I personally, wouldn’t want it any other way. I tend to get bored after a few years (not that I’ve been in the working world very long)!

    Stay positive and think of moving/changing careers as a new adventure.

    (P.S. Logan Airport in Boston does have great JetBlue flights, esp to the west coast since that is where I would always fly.)

  11. Sounds like you’ve got some great options! I am sure you will be snatched up. I would think marketing may increase the diversity of your skills, but go with whatever interests you the most. You passion will make you sucessful no matter what!

  12. I agree, we’re about the same age and I’m hoping to make a career change soon-ish. You are smart and can go anywhere and do anything. I’d say embrace whatever comes your way. Easier said that done, I know! I’ll say prayers, for whatever they’re worth!

  13. It really seems like you have lots of opportunities. I hope you wind up somewhere great doing something you love (and with better hours and better pay to boot!)

  14. I’m thinking about the weekend of March 21-22. There’s SunTrust Marathon in DC on Saturday which I really want to do because I went to school at Georgetown and I know the city pretty well . BUT there’s also the Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach which just looks amazing because there is BEER AFTER THE RACE and everytime I run all I want to do is drink a beer after but WHO THE HELL DRINKS AT 10AM? Would you consider one? I’m leaning toward SunTrust but I hear Shamrock is REALLY flat cuz it’s all on the beach (although windy).

    P.S. All I did today was read your blog. I feel like that sounds creepy but I freaking LOVE reading about your ridiculous racing stories.

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