January 3, 2009

Healthy Meal: Chicken Scarpariello

Even though I had chicken for dinner yesterday, I had a craving for it today for lunch. I decided to make a Rachael Ray recipe that’s been sitting in my Food Network Recipe Box for months – Chicken Scarpariello.

Instead of 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, I just sprayed the pan with my Misto and that seemed to work out fine. I didn’t have red bell peppers, so I substituted green, and I also didn’t have parsley, so I skipped that at the end (it probably would have made the flavors even a little tangier, but not a huge loss). I also didn’t make the lemon orzo with which it’s meant to be paired, instead adding more bell peppers to bulk out the dish.

Nutrition facts:
221 calories for each serving (recipe here)

Review: 3/5 stars
This came out SUPER hot and spicy even though I didn’t even add the juice from the hot pepper jar like you’re supposed to at the end. Next time I’ll cut back on the cherry peppers I put in. Overall, though, the other flavors were good and it was very quick and easy, as well as extremely healthy. I’d make this again as long as I can figure out how to tone down the heat.


13 thoughts on “Healthy Meal: Chicken Scarpariello”

  1. Laura, I am amazed with your talent and discipline in making these dishes. I usually just grab a bowl of cereal when I am hungry. I am lucky I have a family, otherwise I would only eat raw foods and cereal – not very healthy!

  2. I’m impressed with all the cooking you’ve been doing lately. I’ve been just trying to manage throwing stuff together that’s healthy for dinner. I get home late after working out and need something pronto. Salad with a garden burger cut up on top, or veggies and soup. Or rice, beans, tomato, avocado, sour cream (burrito w/out the shell).

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