January 15, 2009

A minor emergency and then a major one

Feeling a bit better now… still sick but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. After I posted, I decided that I would brave getting up to throw clothes on and hit up the grocery on the ground floor of my building, where I could get chicken soup, ginger ale, and popsicles. I got the chills a little bit when I was in the elevator, but figured it would take less than 5 minutes and I’d be okay. Yeah, I thought wrong.

I shuffled through the store, grabbing ginger ale directly on the way to the popsicles, where I grabbed the first box of strawberry frozen fruit bars I saw without bothering to compare brands and prices like the savvy saver I am. I got to the checkout, and there was fortunately only one person in front of me, buying just one thing. I figured I could make it up to my apartment for a total of 8 minutes out of bed… super. While waiting, I looked at the medicines behind the counter, trying to choose between the types of TheraFlu, and I started feeling dizzy.

The next thing I knew, I was being shaken awake with a crowd around me. I had passed out in the checkout line, and the manager was there shaking me awake and telling me that an ambulance was on the way. I incoherently protested, trying to explain that I lived upstairs and as soon as I got up to bed I’d be fine, and finally they listened to me, but insisted that I sit for a few minutes, and got me a bottle of water. The store manager took my credit card from my shaking hand so I could ring up my groceries, which I refused to leave without, and I even got him to sign my receipt for me. After taking a while to sit and recover, I stumbled upstairs as quickly as possible, collapsing into bed. Shortly afterward, my mom decided she was coming to take care of me, and I felt a thousand times better.

Today, I’m still in bed but not nearly as woozy or sick. And then I hear tons of sirens. Looking out my window, I see something crazy: in the middle of the river, there is a plane.

Dear god.

I thought it was the next September 11th.

After watching the news for a few hours (it had better closeups and more information than my vantage point), it sounds like everyone is okay. They mentioned several times on several stations that they’re lucky the pilot went for the river, because if he were just a bit over, he would have hit the high rises on 11th and 12th avenues. Yeah, that would be me.

I am so thankful, but now just the teeniest bit apprehensive about my cross-Atlantic flight this weekend.


33 thoughts on “A minor emergency and then a major one”

  1. I flew in today into London. I just heard the airplane crash a half an hour ago. Very scary. So glad everyone is all right.

    You take care of yourself, lady. Passing out like that is definitely not normal. Safe travels.

  2. How crazy was that today? I was listening to NPR and they said that the piolts did such a good job ‘landing’ the plane in the water that it looked kind of like a sea plane. To make today even crazier my sister was on an amtrac train from St. Louis to Chicago and it hit a freaking trash truck! No major injuries and she was fine. But come on now. I’m heading home and not leaving until tomorrow morning!

    Hope you get to feeling better – and thankgoodness you where so close to your house!


  3. What a friggin’ day for you, Laura. Jeez!!!!! Hope you start feeling better. And it looks like they’ve taken care of that plane-in-the-water-thing.

  4. Wow, you’re really sick! I hope you feel better before your big flight!

    That is soo friggin creepy about the plane, thank god the pilot hit the river and not any buildings!!

  5. So glad you are sorta feeling better! that is crazy about the plane. I am going to have to check the news now and see what happened!!

  6. That is CRAZY! First, glad you are okay. What an experience to pass out in line, then to look out your window at the plane in the river.

    Very glad everyone is okay! What a blessing.

    Hope your Mom is taking good care of you. Get better!

  7. Wow Laura i am so glad you are OK!!!

    You had me worried there for a moment!!!
    And yeah how crazy was today with the plane?? I can’t believe you are that close!!!

    Be safe!!!

  8. Holy COW. I passed out on Monday, which was crazy in itself, but I did not see a plane crash afterwards. WHOA. You stay safe, Laura. And I hope the worst of the flu is over and you get better ASAP.

  9. Wow definitely take care of yourself! I can’t believe you saw the plane either! As long as some big old birds don’t fly into the engine your flight will go just fine!

  10. Yowza! I’m so glad to hear your mom is taking care of you now! Please feel better soon!

    And wow, to see a plane in a river out your window? Crazy. I was so glad to hear everyone was fine.

  11. Yes, take care of yourself, and I am sorry about your grandfather. I think it will be a good idea if you DO eat bread and potatoes and things while you are still recovering and traveling…

  12. Eeek…sorry about your sickness…that’s the worst!

    Passing out in public is soooo scary…it happen to me when I lived in Boston on the T!

    Hope you’re doing better now.

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