December 25, 2008

My Christmas Philosophy

With the economy being a bit down, I’ve been cutting back on my present-buying and instead trying to give gifts of time and thoughtfulness. This has always been key for me for Christmas. One thing that drives me nuts is when my mom, a last minute shopper, runs out the door two hours before the stores close on Christmas Eve and calls on her cell phone to ask, “what do you want for Christmas?” At that point, there isn’t anything she can get me that I’d really like. As corny and trite as it sounds, my favorite gifts are the ones that showed the giver really thought about what the recipient would like. I could care less how much money is spent, or even IF any money is spent (this year, my mom regifted me with a foot spa I had given her a few years ago… absolutely perfect for my post-marathon recovery!).

Another example: I got my dad, stepmom, and little sister each a book I thought they’d like (I put a LOT of thought into that part), and a ceramic mug. Next, I wrapped up a big can of gourmet cocoa separately in order to link the three presents. When I was little, my mom and dad and I used to sit by the fire and read the newspaper on Sunday mornings, and I thought this would be a nice way to encourage them to spend time with each other and do something similar. See? A thoughtful gift, but certainly not expensive.

Anyway, I know I’m not really expected to get something for all of you, but I have a special gift anyway: the gift of readership and comments 🙂 My Google Reader currently shows 968 posts unread (ouch, I have been totally slacking since my vacation). By tomorrow night? It will be down to zero, and you will all find magical comments from Santa on your posts 🙂 Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

P.S. For any of my Jewish readers: I’m hosting a small Hannukah party on Tuesday night, mostly because I want an excuse to make/eat latkes. I’m having it on Tuesday (the “ninth” night) specifically so it won’t interrupt any real Hannukah celebrations. My plans right now are latkes, red wine, hamantashen baking, dreidel, possibly some old school cutting-out-strips-of-yellow-and-blue-paper-and-making-paper-chains-with-a-stapler like I used to do in elementary school, and the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack. Any other thoughts to make it fun and festive?


18 thoughts on “My Christmas Philosophy”

  1. Other thoughts? Invite your favorite “pottery that runs” ;-). Nothing like a chiarunner watered in a sweet red to liven up the joint.

    Great giving Laura. Here’s to another year of healthy limbs and loved ones! *cheers*

  2. I love the book/cocoa idea! I took a very similar approach with my gifts this year as well. Have fun with your Jewish celebration on Tuesday (mmm, latkes, haha.)

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. I’m catching up, too…great to hear about all your adventures, and hope your life gets back in balance with all those great resolutions.

    (If you get another comment from me on the same post, sorry…I’m fighting with blogger tonight!)

  4. I totally agree with you on the gifts, the most meaningful ones are the ones that the giver put the most thought into, not the most money. Hope you had a great Christmas!

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