August 26, 2008

I (k)need help

My right knee was the one hurting me during the race, and is still a bit sore now. However, my left knee is now hurting too, worse than the right one. It feels like I twisted it at some point and now I have to be very, very careful only to move the joint straight forward and back with no lateral motion, and with my foot pointing in the exact direction my knee is going. (I don’t remember ever twisting it though). I can feel it even when I’m sitting doing nothing. How did this all of a sudden become a problem when before it was my right knee that hurt??? (I know, I probably overcompensated and screwed it up). Hopefully sleeping in a bed tonight instead of on the floor of LAX will help!

But listen up New York runners: any doctors you’d recommend? I just sent an e-mail off to the Hospital for Sports Surgery, but that was based purely on Google, which isn’t really the best way to find a doctor. Next best method is calling Jack Rabbit Sports and Super Runners Shop tomorrow and seeing who they’d recommend. The Flyers’ forum had some recs as well, which I may investigate further.

I’d like to try to get to the doctor either tomorrow, Wednesday, or Thursday. I want to get this taken care of ASAP so I can get back to running! So any advice would be much appreciated šŸ™‚


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  1. I can’t recommend a doc in NYC, but I can offer experience on bad knees. I have them too. After the Vermont City Marathon I could barely walk for a few weeks. Turned out the knee doc and phys therapist decided a) my IT band was tight (no surprise there) b) i hadn’t permanently damaged anything in the knee and c) my glute muscle on that side hadn’t been strong enough so my IT band had taken over (I’m assuming sometime during my marathon training but then the marathon just put me over the edge).

    Anyway, now I have to do all these tiny little time consuming exercises to build up that glute muscle so it does the work it’s supposed to instead of the IT band. Slow going, but I’m improving.

    Good luck! Knee probs are no good!

  2. Dr. Hershman is a well known orthopedic surgeon here in Manhattan. I can’t remember off hand what hospital he is affiliated with- I think it is Lenox Hill. I think you will have to wait a couple of weeks to get an appointment but it is worth it. Also you probably over compensated therefore you strained your other knee. If you can cool it for a week or even two that would make such a difference and don’t wear flip flops…


  3. Jenny, I totally wore flip flops all day Sunday and yesterday! Will avoid them now. And thanks for the rec šŸ™‚

    Sassy, I’m really hoping my recovery is just a case of doing some strength exercises too.

  4. Laura, I go to Dr. Karen Schneider (an ortho who specializes in sports medicine)–I don’t have a long history with her (just a torn hammy and now my busted knee), but she’s been really good (even agreed to stay late and squeeze me in the day after my knee injury even though she was double- and triple-booked all day!). She’s super nice and she totally gets wanting to get back to running/sports ASAP.

    I also got a recommendation from a friend who blew his knee out for Dr. Elliott B. Hershman with
    Manhattan Orthopaedics, P.C.

    He is the Jets orthopaedic surgeon and he specializes in knees. He’s supposed to be really good (but I chose to stick with Dr. Schneider anyway because I know and trust her).

    They both have offices at Lenox Hill (77th between Lex and Park). Let me know if you want either of their info.

    Hope that helps! And best of luck! I hope the knee stuff clears up soon! I know it’s no fun, but try to hang in there šŸ˜‰

    Oh, and P.S. I’ve had problems with my other knee hurting really badly as well. I’m going to agree that it’s from overcompensation. It sucks, right? UGh. Stupid knees! I’d definitely try to get a supportive brace of some type to give you some support on the bad knee and help your poor other knee out!

    Get better soon!

  5. I can’t believe that I have read all your posts on your marathon and haven’t commented yet.
    First, I think you are awesome for finishing the thing. I would have been on the bus!
    Second, I hope you can rest and recover and get back out there running soon!

    No recommendations for a doctor in NYC . . . .sorry! I know a good one here in KY though.

  6. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel. I think the worst thing is waiting around trying to find out what is wrong. Once you find out, you can put your recovery plan into action. Best of luck!!

  7. No advice, but take care of your knee.
    I do agree with the no flip flop comment. Bite sandals fit orthotics, and although not fashionable, I always wear them when I am going to be on my feet for long periods when I am peaking in training. Seems to help.

  8. Aww, thanks so much Andrea (and everyone)! I’m seeing a doctor on Friday – will try to put up a full post explaining at some point tonight.

  9. Sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear your knees are bummin’. I’m sure with a bit of rest and careful re-conditioning you’ll be back to being invincible in no time!

    Good luck finding a professional to help out!! Personally, if I were in your shoes I would probably take 1 week off of excersize completely then water jog for 2 weeks after that. In addition, nightly icings and Advil with an allergen free diet. Try Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Diet. If I didn’t feel better after the first week of icing/advil/rest then I’d start diggin for a specialist. Good luck gorgeous!!

    I have a new site now – I made the switch to blogger ;-).

  10. Well has the doc given a prognosis yet?

    Sucks to have both knee’s out when you have races planned. Knowing you, you would probably try to walk them just to say you did it. lol.

    You are crazy!

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