July 16, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis!

I’m finishing up my project in Boston today. When I came into work this morning, I didn’t have anywhere to go after this. My plan was to head back to New York to hang out for the week and hopefully get to spend a good amount of time with the boy (still haven’t come up with a name for him yet) before he goes ice climbing in Seattle next weekend (see, he’s crazy too – we’re a great match!).

However, instead of taking a week of time to sit around and relax and whatnot… I’m now heading off to St. Louis to start a new project there on Monday morning. Does anyone live around there and want to go running, or know of any fun races in the area? I’m scheduled to be there through August 8.


12 thoughts on “Meet me in St. Louis!”

  1. It’s always off to the next adventure with you! Hope you find some good places to run and, more importantly, drink while you’re there.


  2. My family lives in St. Louis (i’m down in Florida) check out the runners world this month, they featured St. Louis and has some awesome running routs through the wonderful parks in the area! Have fun!! – PS, good name for the boy is FB (future boyfriend). 🙂

  3. Mark, I just submitted the request for an invite so hopefully I’ll be all set 🙂 I’ll let you know if I need a personal one though. Thanks for the link!

  4. I don’t know anyone in St. Louis but if your ever in Bay City, Michigan feel free to look me up. I am a newbie runner but have definitely caught the runners bug and maybe by the time you get stationed here I could keep up with you. LOL. We have a great rail trail here and a river walk if your so inclined.

    Happy Training,

  5. I was just in St. Louis for a few days at the end of May and now
    Runner’s World does a piece on running in St. Louis! I had to figure it out on my own. Forest Park is fabulous; I wrote about it on 5/30 (I meant to post pictures but never got around to it). I tried the Riverside Trail, because it is really great as a running path, but I had to turn back because it was just so deserted, isolated and scary. (See my 5/28 post also.) I did quite a lot of running around Arch Park; the perimeter, through the middle, etc. I felt perfectly safe there, even early in the morning, and it is a magnet for runners and walkers. Be sure to go to the museum at the Arch. The U.S. history geek in me went crazy. It is all about westward expansion, Lewis & Clark, etc. (There’s also a historical museum at Forest Park, but I didn’t go in it.) One thing I felt I did not have an opportunity to fully expore in St. Louis was the barbecue. I was staying downtown and I’m sure that’s not a great area for the best barbecue! And my final word on St. Louis – HUMIDITY! I was dripping in May; I can’t even imagine what it is like now. Better run in the early morning!

  6. Just missing you by a week. I am wrapping up my time here in the outskirts of STL and won’t be returning until the end of Aug. Good luck finding some places to run.

  7. I live in the STL area…check out the St. Louis Track Club web site and the Fleet Feet Sports St. Louis web sites. They have pretty complete listings of local races. I’d love to run with you, but you are probably way to fast for me! So, if you want to do a slow recovery run, I’m game! Also, I don’t know how long your project is going to last, but there is a marathon in the area on Sept. 14th called the Lewis and Clark Marathon (sponsored by Fleet Feet…you can register on their web site). I did the full last year and it’s a pretty decent course. Half of it is on a gravel trail so it’s easier on the joints. It’s the race that that guy who ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days started with last year (I think it was last year?). I’m doing the half this year and would love to see you there!

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