July 10, 2008

Happy birthday to me :)

My project team pretended like they forgot all day, but someone on our client had a birthday today and there was a big cake sitting outside our room (left over). RIGHT when I was about to steal a piece of that cake, my team whips out… an ice cream cake!!! They know me too well šŸ™‚

Also happy birthday to Quarter Life Girl, who is exactly one year older than me today!


33 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me :)”

  1. Laura, i agree with nyflygirl… u should run a mile for every year youve been alive….

    r u still getting that garmin???

    happy day…..happy happy day!

  2. Happy Birthday Laura. I just caught up with your blog and read your Calgary Race Report. You rock!! Congratulations!!! What an awesome feat. Well done.

  3. Happy Birthday Laura! It is my sister’s birthday today too. Although she is a bit older than you! (It is hard for me to imagine anyone being 23… I have dresses that are almost that old! Actually one that is older, but it was intentionally purchased as “vintage.”) Have a good one! Enjoy the ice cream cake!

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