June 24, 2008

The world is conspiring to make me lazy

Didn’t leave the office until 8:30 PM, and I had to bring a bunch of work home with me too. Tonight’s workout was just 20 minutes of mostly leg lifts in various positions to try to get my calves/butt/thighs a good workout while I reviewed some decks (deck = consultant speak for PowerPoint presentation). And then…

Me: Hi, may I please get a wakeup call for 5:45?
Front desk: 5:45?
Me: Yes, 5:45.
Front desk: Why on earth would you want to get up at 5:45?
Me: Um, I want to go to the gym. It’s open then, right?
Front desk: Yes, it’s open 24 hours… but 5:45?
Me: (Starting to get annoyed) Yes, 5:45…
Front desk: You do know it’s 11:30 now?
Me: Yes…
Front desk: And you want to get up at 5:45 to go work out?

I’ll leave off the conversation there and tomorrow you can find out whether I still went through with it.


20 thoughts on “The world is conspiring to make me lazy”

  1. Next time just act drunk. They find it more comical that way and feel it unnecessary to go through the rationalization stage.

    I hate people :-).

    Hope you had a great workout!

  2. I’m surprised the desk guy even questioned it. He must have been a new employee or something. Whatever, he’s a twit.

    Hope you made it to the gym!

  3. I bet said front desk person has not worked out a day in his/her life!! :-p

    I’m willing to guess that you did get up and go to the gym 🙂

    and usually when I travel-I don’t depend on wake-up calls and/or the hotel alarm clocks…I use the alarm on my cell phone and that works like a charm! 🙂

  4. All – I did get up and workout, though I skipped the run in favor of the stair stepper. I figured I’ll run tomorrow, and with my marathon coming up this weekend, better not to really go at it with the mileage.

    Viper – I have to leave for work by 7:45, and it takes me an hour to check my e-mail to catch up on last minute stuff, shower, iron a suit and dress shirt, etc. So if I want an hour’s workout, 5:45 it is.

    Nyflygirl – when I have to get up that early, I set my PDA, my cell phone, the wake up service, and my laptop alarm. Makes it harder to snooze them all!

  5. Gotta love “decks”. I remember the first time I heard that term… I was on a conference call with a co-worker (same room) and client (across the country)… the client kept saying deck and we were writing notes back and forth trying to define deck… meanwhile, assuring the client we were “right on top of that”. HAH!

  6. That is hilarious! As someone who wakes up at 5:15 almost every morning (I don’t go to bed quite so late as you!!) I hear ‘ya!! People look like I’m crazy when I tell them I usually work out before work.

  7. Laura,
    Thanks for all your comments on my posts. Seems like you work as hard at reading and replying to blogs as you do at your job (and running of course). It was great to (temporarily) come out of the darkness of my (work) brief writing and find your nice comments! (Also took the opportunity to do a little online shopping. Always multi-tasking!) Hope you have a great time with the marathon this weekend and I’ll look forward to reading about it in future!

  8. That’s kind of funny and annoying at the same time. Why they question you that much. weird…

    Just got through reading your RR from the marathon (and the ultra training run). Girl, you ARE nuts (I mean that in a good way). You did FANTASTIC! I’m super impressed. You are going to be a marathon machine. I can just see it. Congrats!!!!! Pics are very good too.

  9. Based on all the questioning you got on the other end of the wire, I’m surprised you even got a call at all? They obviously don’t know much about staying fit or what it takes. What room service snacks did they have in your place? Deep Fried Oreos?

  10. ooof! i’ve seen 5:45am just about every morning these days because i can’t sleep worth a damn all of the sudden.

    at the moment i’m using the logs on the body by glamour website that are pretty super convenient. it’s only supposed to be a “12 week program” though, so at the end of it i’ll probably have to find somewhere else. i’m told the logs on the daily plate are pretty good, but i’ll have to look around a little bit.

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